Army of Two will respond to fist bumping, poor European sales blamed for precisely that

TVGB: "As creative director Alex Hutchinson from EA Montreal takes us through a demo of Army of Two: The 40th Day at the Eurogamer Expo 2009, he explains that the original title sold an impressive 2.6 million copies worldwide, but the vast majority of these sales (70% to be exact) are from America. What does the ex-Maxis dev and the rest of EA blame this on? The tone of the game, apparently."

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WildArmed3272d ago

the first game was badass. I loved it. The best offline co-op game i've played in awhile. (Re5 offline co-op was horrible btw)
I cant wait to get my hands on Ao2 this Jan.
Ofc, the broken online play was the only frustrating part of the game.. oh and the lack of drop in-drop out co-op. But that didnt matter since i always played with a friend or my brother.

RememberThe3573272d ago

It was defiantly a co-op game because playing it in single player was horrible. I'm looking forward to this game as well, fit pumps and all.

Nambassa3272d ago

wait, what?? whats wrong with fist pumping? I'm a European and i don't see anything wrong with it.... does anyone in Europe care about fist pumping?? I don't think all the Americans bought the game for fist pumping, they bought it because its a shooter. Thats why all my friends bought it anyway...

andron3272d ago

This game came across like Beavis and Butthead do the mercenaries thing to me. I'm sure I wasn't the only one...

ThanatosDMC3271d ago

What is fist pumping and how does it offend somebody?

Army of Two was fun for co-op. But poor replay value. Poor selection of guns too and they all end up the same in a sense. Also, campaign was too short.

TheDudeAbides3272d ago

I know it's 30-day exclusive for pre-orders, but is it already od disc or is it code based download. Can i play it buying the game used or renting it?

Gish3272d ago

Well Europeans sure don't seem to hate Obama...

Why Dat3272d ago

LOL, where do you guys find these amazing pics?

@ the article

Really? Fist bumping? That can't be the reason... In fact, I barely used that feature in the game, b/c I was too busy mowing the enemy down.
Either way, can't wait for Army of Two 2!!!

MrEko3271d ago had nothing to do with the fact that the game only had "local" multiplayer. U.S. could only play with U.S. players Euro with Euro and Asia with Asia- boring. Plus the game is rather lackluster when you play by yourself so, if no one bother to play it in Europe and Asia then getting a game going there was probably a pain.