Gaming's Top 10 Terrors

Daniel Lipscombe of TheGameReviews writes: "There are some deliciously evil enemies in video games, and now Halloween is here it's time to revel in these beings that keep us on the edge of our seats. Coming many shapes and sizes, some may hunt you from the darkness, while others lash out wildly, backing you into a corner. Be it the outright gruesome or sheer psychological terrors, these horrible creatures add a dynamic to games that nothing else can: fear. Here's a look at ten of the worst, scariest, most evil and gruesome beings in video games. So turn the lights down low, prepare a hiding place - a safe haven, if you will - and come on a journey to the dark side..."

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Nick27283275d ago

I think those nurses were the scariest, not just because of how creepy they looked and moved, but also the first time I fought them: in the section of the hospital set aside for insane patients. Ugh.

Krud3273d ago

For me, pretty much EVERYthing in Bioshock was a source of fright/terror, or at least serious discomfort. I haven't actually finished that game, but not a single encounter in that game made me smile or feel safe. ';P