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Irish Gaming Website playtests the God of War III Demo;

Are you one of the so called 'valued' PSN users to get a coveted God of War III download code? If you are, than lucky you. If you didn't get a code, than I feel for you. TGL have been lucky enough to get their hands on the demo and let us tell you that this first taste of Kratos' long awaited return is the personification of sheer unparalleled psychical brutality and psychological disgust and distain for the common video gaming enemy. Kratos is back and well, he's angrier (if that were ever possible).

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WildArmed3277d ago

'Uncharted 2 is without doubt the most beautiful and aesthetically refined game this generation and as such, all other games’ facades have no choice but to be gauged next to this title until something betters it. The God of War III demo doesn’t better it.'
I guess they still got some work to do D: lol

But then again, its not the final build.. they may surprise us.
But the scale of GoWIII definitely seems to be bigger then U2 ^_^

God.. why would you pit two games i love so dearly against each other.
It like asking whether i like my right eye more or my left

deadreckoning6663277d ago

"God.. why would you pit two games i love so dearly against each other.
It like asking whether i like my right eye more or my left"

Same reason why fanboys pit two great consoles together. There stupid.

raztad3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"it's not the final product" is an understament.

This demo is already 5 months old, and obviously from an even older build. In an interview to Gamespot (at E3) GoW3's director said they are aiming (pretty confident they will achieve that) for 1080p running between 30-60fps. Please note this demo is 720p. So I'm pretty sure that GoW3 will top UC2 visuals, easily.

Is that a bad thing? no at all. First we had UC1, then MGS4, then KZ2 recently topped by UC2. It's just the natural progression of Sony's development effort that GoW3 tops UC2 progress, otherwise it would smell very bad news for PS3 owners.

WildArmed3277d ago

I bet ND will be contributing to to the studio as well.
First party devs have always been close and love sharing tech

@1.1 lmfao + bubs

Unicron3277d ago

Well, UC2 has a far more dynamic cam that moved with the player. GoW has preset angles, so Kratos is a bit further off. I think tech wise both are showing off their respective genres nicely, but its difficult to directly compare the two simply because of that difference in focus.

ZBlacktt3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

We can all thank MGS4 for setting the bar. What UC2 did was add to it. I would not says it's better than. It's just a different setting and environment.

WildArmed3276d ago

But MGS4 had an install, that means UC2 setting the bar higher important..

(They both looked equally great imo)
But the very fact U2 has no install makes U2 seem soo much more attractive.
But i salute Kojima for taking the console so far so early into the ps3's life

beavis4play3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

it's brutality like nothing ever in a video game. kratos anger has reached volcanic proportions. the game is so beautiful and detailed too. having seen and read so much about this demo, i didn't think i could be shocked.....but i was. this is the first game ever that i'd say any gamer HAS to experience. (unless you don't like violent games.....then i'd say stay away)

i know it sounds like i'm gushing, but these aren't empty words. you just have to play the demo to appreciate the game. words and screens don't do it justice.

edit: if anyone is curious, i preordered at gamestop this morning, and the manager flips out a code for the demo. he said he just got them in an hour before i came in!!!! sweet.

Darkeyes3276d ago

From the recent previews I read (which sadly didn't make it to the front N4G page), the TGS demo shown is a better built than E3.. So much so that one of the author told that the recent one had better textures and more realistic blood and looked far better... I have no doubt in my mind that GOW3 final built will even give UC2 a run for it's money....

And MAN the demo is awesome... It more fluid and the lighting is impeccable.... Can't wait.

mikeslemonade3276d ago

With the camera perspective GOW has a disadvantage because you can't see all the details of the game with camera so far back. In Uncharted 2 the camera is closer and you can see the graphical detail on the character and his surroundings in close proximity.

They should have put the camera right behind Kratos(RE4 style with the camera angled further back a bit) and then still have the fast paced action and lots of enemies.

It's just like how we complained about GTA4 how it was just an HD version of GTA San Andreas. GOW3 looks like GOW HD instead of a true next generation GOW.

Darkeyes3276d ago

@above: I agree with the first part about graphics taking a hit due to the camera, but disagree with the close on camera idea..... That would really kill the game IMO. Fighting with 50 people on screen along with few Cyclopes cannot be attained with such a camera (also a Titan wrecking in the back). Such a TP camera only works for shooter and you see the limits when someone really gets close to you in TPS games... Also, such a camera would only force a frontal attack and you won't see someone attacking from back which would really kill the experience and would be just a button masher... Over the top views gives you the opportunity to string together various attacks and stuff better...

As much as I would like to see the detailed textures on every rock in close up, I can't let gameplay suffer because of that.... From the demo, it's AMAZING. There are a few bland textures, but as I mentioned earlier, the TGS one was updated and much better looking. And please GOW3 looks far from GOW:HD.. Just compared GOW1 & 2 HD (from one video that has been leaked) and then compare GOW3.. It's night and day. GOW3 isn't as pretty as UC2 or KZ2 NOW, but at launch, it will be better looking than any game on the other platform... Who knows, maybe even UC2.

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POSTERBOY343277d ago

man i cant wait till god of war collection come out so i can play the demo and since i only played alittle bit of god of war this make the collection real sweet

Hanif-8763277d ago

Yeah, that the first thing i noticed that the game was 720p and the devs said it would be 1080p. So i knew it was a very old build of the game, but its still one of the best looking games this generation but Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 set that bar so high but i'm sure God Of War 3 will hope right over that bar laughing!

Ducati3277d ago

Got my code yesterday and lovin' it :)

calis3277d ago

Calis's impressions


beavis4play3276d ago


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