Gamingbolt: Left4Dead 2 Demo Impressions

GB writes: "Well I've had some quality playing time with the L4D2 demo over the past few hours, and in this article I'm going to tell you all about it.

Firstly, let me just say this; it's not an expansion to L4D. So you folks can rest assured that when you fork out for this game, you aren't handing over you hard-earned cash for a rehash of the original. Now of course being a demo, I was not able to see all the different features of the game, but nevertheless, with the official release date less than 3 weeks away this is very close to the real thing."

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williamkenny3273d ago

The game comes out on Nov 20th. But the demo is out on the 2nd for those who didn't preorder.

Pandamobile3273d ago

November 17th, if you're in North America. The public demo comes out on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Galardo3273d ago

I can not wait to play this, co-op is going to be amazing! Its also going to be so polished

williamkenny3273d ago

Of course! Polished, well finished, etc are all Valve's middle names!

gameseveryday3273d ago

whats this abt, resident evil in first person mode?

williamkenny3273d ago

It's not really survival horror (unless you play on Expert). Its more of a fun and gun.

williamkenny3273d ago

I've played some of the demo. It's a definate buy.

williamkenny3273d ago

So what are other people's thoughts on L4D2? Who else is buying?

Pandamobile3273d ago

Already bought it. Played the demo for hours already. I was quite surprised at quality of the graphics this time around.

The gore is just awesome as well. Nothing beats hacking zombies to bits with a machete.

solar3273d ago

yeah the gore is the best. the mouse feels a lil floaty to me, maybe its because ive been playing a lot of other FPS's atm.

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The story is too old to be commented.