Dragon Ball Raging Blast wallpaper

VGB has collected some Dragon Ball: Raging Blast wallpapers for you to download.

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ThanatosDMC3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

For those who've played the demo, wasnt Tenkaichi 3 so much better? Why the crap do they downgrade?! They just want our money for next Raging Blast 2 or 3...

You cant even transform in-game. The level's not even fully destructible. The level is super small since we're talking about DBZ fights in which opponents have the ability to send a person flying miles and miles away with a flick of a finger. There's not much graphical/technical stuff in the game why cant they make it bigger like super big?

Gamers wouldnt complain the least if they give us one gigantic fully destructible continent to fight on as one map. They can let us just choose a specific part of the map to start in and fight and travel anywhere during the fight. They could just add different terrains, buildings, and plant life on the map.

I bet devs and the consoles of today are capable of such a feat.

Also, let the battles last longer and drawn out. Beam spamming is basically what the computer does when it has a lot of energy. The combat mechanics were also downgraded.

Sunny_D3335d ago

So true. Atari just trying to milk us! It's Tenkaichi all over again. I didn't mind it in Tenkaichi, but I don't want to do it all over again.

Saaking3334d ago

I really don't understand why they can't just make a next gen tenkaishi 4. How the hell did they god from 150+ characters to just 30? How were they able to screw the battle system so bad. Man, I hate DBZ games this gen.

unrealgamer583334d ago

heres to hoping burst limit 2 is better