Sexual Content and Violence in Video Games

Andi Bailey of ResumePlay writes an opinion piece on the subject:
I present to you, if you will, an argument. An argument which is as old as the people who crusade against it, and an argument we have dealt with our fair share as gamers. I'm of course referring to violence and sexual content in video games.

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Baross20253274d ago

I'll have to agree that people each other since we have existed, I have played video games my entire laugh and I'm a freckin vegetarian, violence in any media has very little if any effect on what you would do in real life. Well as much as Harry Potter makes people wanna become witches and warlocks and cast them on their neighbors or Desperate House Wives makes the women who watch it want to be slutty and have bad plastic surgery.

y4cub3274d ago

a more suitable metaphor for this time of year would be people who read/watch twighlight wanting to be vampires and werewolfs

VenerableBmoney3274d ago

Thought provoking article. This includes many of the arguments used by gamers through the years. The problem is that the mainstream doesn't play video games.

The marijuana legalization campaigns have been fighting to change the inaccurate perceptions about them for years, and they're fighting the same battle because people are generally unable to think outside the box.

mau643273d ago

wow, some people are just so sad and not open minded about anything.

Jimmy Crack3273d ago

I agree with this because games don't kill people, people kill people.

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