Games That Will Scare Your Pants Off: Dead Space

Today, we will be examining Dead Space, a game that handles like Resident Evil, monsters which look like they come straight from John Carpenter's The Thing, and an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the psychological scares of Jacob's Ladder and the cramped spaceship setting of Alien.

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alphakennybody3275d ago

at first I though it was scary but as soon I started playing it I realized its just pop up monsters, then got boring afterwards not as scary just "jumpy" at some point. You know what would be a scary game a Heavy rain style with a horror twist like SH the second one,that will make us rethink horror games in a new way I'm sure of it.

Komega3275d ago

Scary left town pretty quick in Dead Space. I did enjoy it though.

George Sears3275d ago

Yeah there really weren't any scary moments in Dead Space but I do love the approach that they went when it came to the whole immersion. The art style was just a perfect rendition and representation of the devs approach to horror. Solitude in a huge spaceship was a huge plus to make one feel alone in the middle of all the chaos but the very few people that you interacted with was a refresher as well.

A sequel would me much appreciated.

Kamikaze83275d ago

On my rental list. Tried it at a friends house and it seemed amazing.

thegreatest78843274d ago

I didnt really feel scared when playing it. It was fun, but it seemed the developers resorted to cheap scare tactics like stuff jumping out at you rather than creating an aura of spookiness that stayed with you. I can remember every moment of Silent Hill 2, but Dead Space didnt stick with me.