Cpt. Price returns in Modern Warfare 2 knew it actually already, but now it's confirmed: Captain Price will return in Modern Warfare 2 as a Non-Playable Character. The video shows a part of a Modern Warfare 2 mission, so spoiler alert!

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WildArmed3364d ago

That came as a pretty obvious fact.
Cpt. price is the most (one of the most) loved AI that stand by your side throughout the game.

I think I read an article saying this or speculating it, i dont remember

Svennetjee3364d ago

Yep, that's right. There was one article saying Billy Murray said on his website he did voice acting for Modern Warfare 2's Cpt. Price. But now we see him in action.

Lavalamp3364d ago

What a spoiler filled headline that was. I'm not too surprised but I would have preferred to figure that out on my own.

WildArmed3364d ago

lol its like finding out Elena was coming back in U2?
I was happy to find that out, and likewise about cpt. price.

Although I CoD's campaign's usually suck (imo), Cpt. Price is still badass never the less