God of War 3 v/s God of War 2 v/s God of War

GB writes: "God of War 3 is looking like it is going to have an amazing combination of game play, story and some of the best visuals on a console. The game is due out in March 2010 and we decided to do a screen shot comparison on how the third game stacks up against its prequels in various categories."

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gameseveryday3275d ago

I see the comparison being made to a game which is 4 years old!

deadreckoning6663275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Why is this comparison even being made. Sequels are SUPPOSED to be better than the previous game. Especially when there 4 years apart LOL.

El_Colombiano3275d ago

Wow only four years and look how far we've come. Imagine ten years from now...

Saaking3275d ago

the comparison is to see just how much GOW has improved over the years and it's clear that each installment has upped it's game a lot.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3274d ago

Well you're right in general, but on the other side of gaming a specific platform dishes out very similar content with each instalment that I won't mention (hint: Fable 2 - 2008 vs. Fable - 2004).

Leio3274d ago

Now i wish this one isnt the last :(

Sarcasm3274d ago

wow GoW PS2's still look pretty damn good

TotalPS3Fanboy3274d ago

In the end, there can only be a comparison of it against an earlier version of itself.

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Galardo3275d ago

I loved the first and the second is my favorite by far! I hope the 3rd will be great

gameseveryday3275d ago

I actually liked the first one better. Second one was great too, but as u knw the originals are always the best.

Galardo3275d ago

Yes but the second had a more epic scale

Darkeyes3275d ago

I personally loved the second one more than 1 apart from the last boss fight (one with Zeus)... I personally felt that the Aries battle was truly epic, but I loved every other aspect of the 2nd one.... And boy the 3rd one looks like it will leave the first 2 in the dust... Everything from the titans to the environment are epic....

I just hope the game is at least 12-15 hours long... That would be awesome.

Sarcasm3274d ago

Sort of agree, but it also depends how long you've played each one. I played GoW1 and then waited the 2 or 3 years for GoWII and man GoWII blew me away. The same will happen for GoWIII since it's been so long I've been yearning for the next chapter.

baldguy713275d ago

I played the 1st GOW when I had PS2 - was a decent game, but I'm not into that genre of gaming.

gameseveryday3275d ago

well agreed, since the developers were able to utilize the ps2 way more than they were able to do with gow1

Galardo3275d ago

Indeed! I just hope GOW 3 runs as smooth as ever!

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