PS3 Game Upscaling: Fact or Fiction?

IGN decided to run a couple of PSX and PS2 titles through their paces, testing out the new PS/PS2 Upscaler and PS/PS2 Smoothing features under the Game Setttings menu.

Screenshots after the jump.

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FeralPhoenix4576d ago

Well honestly I couldn't see much difference other than some of the upscaled screenshots look a bit more "blurry", but the GoW2 screenshot using progressive scan and widescreen does look a little better although it looks lighter.....or maybe its just me, I'm interested to hear other impressions?

InMyOpinion4576d ago

Upblurred? I agree, GOW 2 was the only game that looked better IMO.

zantetsuken4576d ago

Check that out. Notice the HUGE difference? IGN screens are too small to tell wth is going on. They're also not using 1080p, on their forum they say it's 720p.

Also, notice they don't show the exact same screen back to back? IGN did this bs intentionally to get hits.

BIGBAER4576d ago

The upscaled screens looked worse than the originals. Blurred.

Seraphim4575d ago

as stated, IGN was only using 720p. I'm running 1080p on my Bravia XBR3 and the games look great. DMC 3, Odin Sphere, and God of War II were the only games I've checked out, but all looked great. Much better than they do on the PS2. Obviously upscaling isn't going to give you great graphics, but running 1080p there's a very noticeable difference. Instead of still using my PS2 as I had planned I'm now actually using the backwards compatibility in the PS3...

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icechai4576d ago

Its kind of strange because all the other screenshot comparisons are so dramatic. Only reason I can think of is because IGN didn't actually do 1080p comparisons with proper screenshots of similar quality to compare to.

WilliamRLBaker4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

they seem all blurry and not really better, and i've yet to find an option to upscale the games to 720p... one should never take 480i/p content and upscale it to 1080i/p it all ways looks like crap that way.

PhinneousD4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

ewww... it just makes things not as crisp so you can't see the pixilated texures as well. you can't fool us sony! we are on to you!!!! >:-(
to be honest, i like the un"scaled" version better... it has richer color and looks more detailed.

Sashy4576d ago

IGN have posted low res images. Look at my test:

Killzone gunzoom 480p

Killzone gunzoom 720p

Killzone 480p

Killzone 720p

ErcsYou4576d ago (Edited 4576d ago )

those screen shots showed a huge difference. when i tried the upscaler myself it was very easy to tell that it made games look better

Bathyj4576d ago

The upscale pix look way sharper. In SotC it made a HUUUUUUUUGE difference with the shimmering interlacing effect as well.

I admit some of these screens have a haze or washed out look to them but in game it just makes it look more natural and less cartoony. Screenshots are NO way to do a proper comparison and if you're knocking the PS3 based on these screens slap yourself in the face with a burnt fish for me.

Alot depends on the source as well. Of course PS1 games aren't going to look that good, and maybe even worse since the new rez might showcase the shortcomings of the graphics. You can polish a turn forever, its still a turd, but a fresher one might come up a bit shinier. Also maybe these test should be done with just upscaling on and not blurring (which can be turned off by the way). I cant believe people are complaining about blurring. Do you even know what AA is?

TheMART4576d ago

Oops, now look at the pictures again... first time you think: indeed PS3 upscaling looks better... THen you look again and see

The PS3 image is squeezed vertically, so the right measurements are gone. Now zoom in on the ceiling. The detail has gone.

Thus PS3 upscaling = getting the edges to smooth indeed, but at the same time blur the whole screen + squeezing the screen vertically...

Doesn't look better at all!!!

Sashy4576d ago

The Mart, I actually set my HDtv on widescreen so ... please dont complain so mutch before you know whats going on.

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