ResumePlay: Staff Picks Fave Halloween/Scary Games

ResumePlay Staff writes: "In order to celebrate Halloween this week, we have asked our staff to pick one game that really gets them in the Halloween spirit. Read on to find out what the rest of the staff choose for their favorite Halloween related or scary game. That one game that just screams Halloween, or gives them the creeps. You know… those games that make you glance over your shoulder late at night to make sure Pyramid Head isn't lurking in the darkest corners of your home waiting to drag you away…"

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rogue06743277d ago

I love Silent Hill and RE, but F.E.A.R. scared the crud out of me, it's definitely underrated.

CheatsMcGee3277d ago

Omg I remember that Home Improvement game! I had forgotten about it till now. God it was crap.

mau643277d ago

Tried playing it recently, and I completely agree with you

VenerableBmoney3277d ago

Home Improvement, while no masterpiece, is a significantly rare SNES game. And I can get through the first level. In fact, I can beat it. And *gasp* I like it!!!! :)

Good list. Dead Space, Bioshock, System Shock all deserve space in the scary genre too. System Shock is probably the scariest game I ever played, but that's because I played it at 3am, in the pitch black, when my mom told me I couldn't play the computer anymore. ;)

NathanGra3277d ago

I loved the Halloween portion of Kingdom Hearts. It was really well done, very nostalgic. And Mau, why the hell would you have played Home Improvement recently?!

brandynevils3277d ago

I love halloweentown so much!!!! It's probably my favorite part of the game...

Baross20253277d ago

Well I'm sure Home Improvement was scary but how about Shaq Fu now that crap was horrific.

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