Final Fantasy XIII on April 15th (EU/NA)

French game retailer Micromania leaked the EU/NA release date for FFXIII. It's 15 April 2010! (Rumor)

Micromania held an event in France today called Micromania Game Show. Tonight there will be a special FFXIII "event" (The press could register for it yesterday) and probably the release date will be confirmed there. The game is being published by Eidos.

Keep in mind that it's currently a rumor. A recent casting call also leaked that a release date would be announced soon.



The release date was denied by Eidos France at Micromania Game Show. Source: FF Ring (

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Zedux3276d ago

I was supposed to be playing this thing for xmas but thanks to some xbomb my game will be delayed what's worse won't be what it should had been!

Cold 20003276d ago

Cant wait to buy it for my XBOX 360 :)

Vivi3276d ago

Seems like a retail place holder. Put Rumor in the title and more people will probably approve.

In other news heres a new scan.

The game has an amusement park like the golden saucer in FFVII =D

Saaking3276d ago

This game HAD so much potential. Not worth it that much now imo.

LordMarius3276d ago

true, now i have to wait for versus to get the intended experience

iamtehpwn3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Boy do I pitty you.

With that said, I can't wait to play this game, I'm going to import the Japanese version. I should understand most of it....My kanji just isn't very good.

memots3275d ago

Yeah .. This game had my interest until they stop making it the best it could possibly be.

SullyDrake3275d ago

And my birthday is on the 11th of April so I'll definitely have cash for it.

DarkBlood3275d ago

2.2 -
There are others in the list

Jan- MAG, Mass Effect 2, Bayonetta
Feb- Bioshock 2, WKC, Star Ocean 4
March- GOW 3

holy #@#[email protected]#[email protected]# Lucreto ur giving me a god damn heart attack too many games to look forward too lol


now ur just helping him make it worse lol

that aside i'll be able to get them all but only the ones i want

Pozzle3275d ago

Funny... I seem to recall Square Enix saying that they were making the PS3 version of FFXIII THEN porting it over to the 360. They also said that the PS3 version WILL NOT be compromised by the 360 version, and vice-versa.

It's a shame that so many people believed a rumor made up by a small indie website about the PS3 version being 'compromised', instead of the word of Square Enix themselves.

Oh well. No skin off my nose. I'll have fun playing FFXIII because I'm a fan of the games, not the console they are on.

militant073275d ago

first MODs should banned you to the open zone that pure sh!t troll.

2nd just like white knight right?!

3rd even if you gona compare it to FFX/FFXII, still fail, its still 6month between JP version and NA/EU version

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Lucreto3276d ago

I was hoping it would be in March or earlier.

Aquarius3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

MAG is in Jaunuary...
GOWIII/GT5 March...
FFXIII is in May???

Too many games and thats not including all the delayed games from 2009!

Lucreto3276d ago

There are others in the list

Jan- MAG, Mass Effect 2, Bayonetta
Feb- Bioshock 2, WKC, Star Ocean 4
March- GOW 3

Disccordia3276d ago

This is not a confirmed release date and is just a retailers placeholder.

Aquarius3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

3D Dot Game Heroes January
Heavy Rain June-August???
The Agency June-August???
DC Universe Online June-August???

I'll be buying the multiplats that I want in the summer drought :P

dgroundwater3275d ago

I like the April release date. Gives me time to play Mass Effect 2, Conviction, Bioshock, etc and still have to time to play them thoroughly before even starting XIII.

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Relientk773276d ago

I cannot wait for Final Fantasy XIII its one of the games I want most in 2010

Noctis Aftermath3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

This man speaks the truth,
but it will still be good, anyway i am much more interested in Versus 13 (enough to write to square enix to ask them to include the japanese voice over into FFVs13).

Tr10wn3275d ago

Meh... Versus... you must be emo right?

MattOG7113275d ago

I've been waiting for this game since I was a high school kid who couldnt drive and now I'm in college looking forward to graduate school.


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