COD:Modern Warfare 2: All kill streaks unlocked 25 kills gets you a NUKE

Another webcaster on has gotten hold to a early copy of Modern Warfare 2 and he decided to show off some split screen mutliplayer

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Mista T3276d ago

thats hard to believe cause a man like me, Mr T wants cold blooded evidence

Nuke? drop me outta an airplane and I'll show em

deadreckoning6663276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Winter47th3276d ago

That headline's quite the spoiler mine.

Anyway, in my 2 years of playing COD4, with my 4.09 K/D ratio, I never reached above a 20 Killstreak, so if some guy on the other team was able to survive till he got his 25th kill, then dude, you and your team SHOULD get nuked.

deadreckoning6663276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

This will urge the SNIPERS and CAMPERS to play the game like it was MEANT to be played. Lots a people ill try ta get this. Offering incentives for people to be more agressive online, genius move by IW!!

"Anyway, in my 2 years of playing COD4, with my 4.09 K/D ratio, I never reached above a 20 Killstreak, so if some guy on the other team was able to survive till he got his 25th kill, then dude, you and your team SHOULD get nuked."

My thoughts exactly. Anyone who doesn't like it should quit whining and not buy the game. Very simple.

thor3276d ago

No it won't. It will urge them to snipe and camp more, since that is the way to avoid dying. If you snipe for the whole match and peek out only occasionally, or you camp the whole match and kill people occasionally (but they never get you because you're not out in the open), it may be possible to rack up 25 kills in a row.

In any online game, being more aggressive = more deaths = hard to keep a long killstreak. Sniping and being cautious = fewer deaths = long killstreaks.

CyberCam3276d ago

You're so right... that's why its a pass for me!

With all these perks that get you easy kills, it's way too much of an easy game to play. I'll rent it to play the single player story, then I'll give it back.

I'm more interested in BFBC2, it's looks like you have some shooting skill and earn your kills in that game.

BX813276d ago

@Winter. I got a 25kill streak once when I was playing COD4. It was on broadcast (Free for all) and I started sniping in the building across the way, then I headed in the door to the right to continue my merking session. Not gonna lie my hands started sweating after kill 19. At that point in my head I was thinking of pulling off the 25 and 0 on Free for all. It's hard to do in Free for all especially with all the campers.

Megaton3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Reminds me of the Cruiser firing on the ground in that one Flash and Thunder pack map for Killzone 2.

yesah3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

if this is unavoidable and just kills everyone then ends the game....well thats super [email protected]

I might just stick to WaW after all...

nan03276d ago

Dude the main problem with COD4 was that you couldn't snipe on there. You were forced to run around wildly shooting anything you saw. That's annoying and repetitive so I'm not going to spend 1,000's of hours trying to get the highlest rank of prestige while doing the same boring run and gun style.

I like bigger/open maps because it's more realistic then dropping a bunch of people in a little box and making them run into each other. That takes no skill other than pure aim.

When you have more than 1 playing style you have to be truly cautious and observant which makes an all around balanced soldier.

PixlSheX3276d ago

Didn't Half life had the same nuke thing? Crossfire level.

thor3276d ago

I don't see how you can say that it's easy to play - when it's one team against another so it's fair and therefore the difficulty depends on who you're playing with. Any game where it's fair on both sides can't be easy or hard, because if you find it easy, that means you should be playing with more skillful players.

xGrunty3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

You had a 4.0 kdr? and never got above a 20 kill streak?


mikeslemonade3276d ago

It's hard to get 25. I played Resistance 1 for months and only managed to get 20 kills twice.

Elvfam5113276d ago

should of done it like Killzone 2 where there's a big explosion and if you not covered by a building you die but whatever floats the boat at IW

WaR_HaWk3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

yep, it was in HL1 Deathmatch,i love that map. All i can say is "VALVE DID IT." SUCK IT IW.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Was that 30 second intro and 25 second ending really necessary for 35 seconds of actual footage?

Also, I hope these long kill streaks don't motivate people to camp so they can get high kill streaks. I don't want to play a match where everybody's camping in some building or an alley waiting for someone to pop out.

Soldierone3276d ago

Couldnt agree with you more, these super long intros are useless and annoying...Just pop the logo if you want then move on and show us the dang clip...

kwicksandz3276d ago

@ 1.14
They ripped that idea from half life 1

mal_tez923276d ago

That's a bit overkill isn't it?

NoBias3275d ago

If you have any sort of skill, you play Search & Destroy. When you only have one life to live is when the knowledge and tactics come into play.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

25 kill streaks are more common than your making them out to be. All the people i know in RL that play COD4 have 20+ kill streaks and a lot of them have 25+. I've had two 31 killstreaks on different accounts for the PS3 and a 30 killstreak when i had my 360 (subsequently traded in).

But anyway back to the nuke. Depends what it does. 25 Killstreaks are very hard to get and deserve something. If the nuke just kills everyone on the other team then i suppose that might work might not. If its anything more overpowered than that, it'll just kill the game.

Megaton3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

@1.20 - If by "knowledge and tactics" you mean "camping", then yes, it certainly does come into play in single-death games.

willie323275d ago

Now that COD has supply drops, I can see the 25+ kill streak coming into play even more. The biggest problem I had with COD was the lack of earning more ammo, especially when you had a nice streak going. Plus, who knows how good the Predator and C-130 will allow players to get their bonus kills. If people are able to rack up the kills with those two, we will all have to look out.

Hobadoon3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

@1.22 - "If by "knowledge and tactics" you mean "camping", then yes, it certainly does come into play in single-death games."

Hey it's nobody's problem if you don't know how to take out newbies that camp. It's not like Search and Destroy is in 3rd person or you have some sort of a cover system. Everyone sees what's in front of them. You're even given things like UAV - and not too many people wear jammers in S&D.

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mal_tez923276d ago

Well that's like... your opinion man.

I love that movie

Jamie_C_UK3276d ago

Yes it has Tactical Nukes at 25 kill streak. It ends the game there and then!!!!!

It also takes the pi55 out of Trey Arch with the Sniper Fi level, lame.

A video of the Tactical Nuke and a couple of screenies here

y0haN3276d ago

How does it take the piss out of Treyarch?

prabx3276d ago

Hows it gonna end the game there and then? For example if you get this in team deathmatch, then you will respawn wont you? But in search nd destory i can see the game being over, but no1 really gonna get 25 kill streak in S&D are they now?

Jamie_C_UK3276d ago

It says defeat.. it seems the site switched off today lol

read it here instead


DonCorneo3276d ago

after clocking around 12 days (250 hours) in MP.

i don't think that's going to happen again.

williamkenny3276d ago

I got a 34 kill streak sniping once.

getonmylev3l3276d ago

There's no trophies or achievements in multiplayer.

ottoman_2393276d ago

theres no multiplayer trophys

SixZeroFour3276d ago

the highest i got was something in the 40's (i think 42) but now a days i can occasionally get 15-25 kill streaks on a regular basis (15's by actually playing, 25's by camping or spawn killing) this will become a huge sniping and camping game now and i can see many ppl getting pissed off cause of it

im prolly planning on getting the game, but not immediately at release, im going to wait for either a price drop or after i get bored of the other games im planning on playing

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STICKzophrenic3276d ago

Wouldn't the nuke also take out YOUR own team as well?

Also, I think the whole idea of killstreaks is retarded. Reward the people who are already awesome, with things that will make them even more awesome. I know they have deathstreaks, but I don't see how any deathstreak can compete with a freakin' nuke.

peeps3276d ago

"Also, I think the whole idea of killstreaks is retarded. Reward the people who are already awesome, with things that will make them even more awesome."

exactly how i feel tbh it's why at the end of a tdm on cod you usually get 1 or 2 v poor scores, mostly average scores and then ridiculous k/d's by the first person to get a bit of a streak going cus they just keep being rewarded lol

it's like in cod4 if some1 is good enough to get 7 kills without dying then they don't really need an ai controlled chopper to get the kills for them ffs!

karan86243276d ago

Why the hell would you get rewarded for sucking?

Although a game-ending all-killing nuke is a bit much, kill streaks are a great idea

willie323275d ago

The killstreaks makes the game even more enjoyable. It teachers players to not just run and gun because that causes your team to lose. You have to be smart about it. I always hated playing on teams with players that did not want to work as a team. They would do whatever they wanted just running out and getting whacked.