Assassin's Creed 2 has 2GB install on PS3 writes:-
Sounds fair enough!

In our upcoming hands-on feature with Assassin's Creed 2, courtesy of Ezio's best mate Keats, it is revealed that the final version of of the game for the PS3 will have around a 2 GB install.

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Ninji4461d ago

I won't mind installing this. I can't wait to see the exclusive weapons for the PS3 version.

Sonyslave34461d ago

i hope you have a psp because that the only way you can get the exclusive weapons.

ZombieAutopsy4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

he said "I cant wait to SEE the exclusive weapons" but like suunyd said he could have a psp.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

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Stryfeno24461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

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Darrius Cole4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

You forgot "Play-Online-for-Free-Sta tion 3"

electricshadow4461d ago

"Play-Online-for-Free-whi ch noone-playStation 3"

So, you're saying NO ONE plays their PS3 online? Wow, just wow. If you're going to troll PS3 articles, at LEAST try next time. That has got to be the most retarded thing I have ever read. By saying that comment, it shows how insecure you are about owning a 360 that you have to bash another console saying something as ridiculous as that. By your logic, I can say "Pay-50 bucks-a-year-to-not-play-onlin e-which-no-one-does-360". Makes PERFECT sense. You're so full of fail.

ThatCanadianGuy4461d ago

Why are you naming all your dupe accounts?
Seems like a stupid thing to do.Then again, you are a bot..

ZombieAutopsy4461d ago

lol 360fanboys are just one big epic cup of fail.

Elvfam5114461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

We inspire you guys (Patchstation 3 and Jason 360) but be more original
But i guess you can't lmao


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4461d ago
Fleet Fox4461d ago

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ifhd4461d ago

great now I have some use for the 320 GB HD

Zedux4461d ago

if this means almost no loading time Im ok with it!

vhero4461d ago

Wow omg i have to take 4 minutes out of my life for an install whatever will I do?? Make a Coffee?? Goto the toilet?? The 360 version is superior BLAH BLAH!!! These articles are obviously wrote for one reason.. Bet the PC version install is bigger! I mean if you really wanna pull that rabbit out of the hat 360 fanboys..

WildArmed4461d ago

If it was the size of DMC4, I wouldnt pick this up.

But considering its 2GB, I probably will. Considering the game is gettin solid reviews. I dont wanna miss out a great game for such a minute reason.

Though, it would have been cooler if the install was optional

Biggunz4461d ago

Now I can put more on my 500G HDD that cost $80 from NewEgg.

kalebgray924461d ago

but sadly only ps3 and pc users actually use it now (when it comes to hdd's)

BreakNeckSpeed4461d ago

PC install may be bigger but it will be the superior version.

presto7174461d ago

when ND and GG make better games with no install

Pandamobile4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

That's because we have to install the whole game.

At above:

They make games specifically for the PS3, which means they can figure out better ways to load off the Blu-Ray drive. For multiplat games, where the PS3 is not the main platform, it would be slow as hell to load from the Blu-ray drive because it has a slower read time.

Sunny_D4461d ago

You would miss out on a really good game just because of a 5 gig install? Wow, can't you be patient? Would you buy U2, MGS4, LBP, or GT5 if they had a 5 gig install?

Bnet3434461d ago

I never understood why devs need these installs when a game like Killzone 2 did not require it and ran fine with great graphics and steady framerate and really no long long times. I have an 80 GB PS3 and I don't plan on spending money on another HDD so I don't want my HDD to be filled with installs that shouldn't be necessary.

WildArmed4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

No, not anymore. I've been through that too many times by now. If devs still need a stupid 5gb install, I'll do them a favor and get a pirated PC version for being lazy. Either that rent out the game for my 360. (which cant have installs thank God)

I've been patient enough with games like MGS4 (though the install wasnt too bad) and DMC4 ( lamest install i've had yet though the game was equally amazing)

Since i expect games to go forward, games like U2, LBP, Demon's Souls, etc etc dont/shouldnt have installs. If they are gonna install something, try nothing to install half of a damn DVD. I didnt get a 500GB HDD to fill it up with installs lol.
Its more about ruining the experience when i get home to play RE5. I dont spend too much time at home with college n work, the last thing i want to do is sit in front of the TV for 30 mins waiting for it to install

errolthedragon4461d ago

Meh so what, takes no time at all. Il be getting the ps3 version of this but even if I got it on the 360 I'd be installing to the hard drive before I started.

Either way not bothered, time and space I have plenty of both!

RememberThe3574461d ago

yet they can't figure out how to load off of a blu-ray?

Come on Ubi! Step your game up!

Aquarius4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Its not about being patient it eats away your HDD space, slowly but surely...

If you were speaking about downloads then I can understand because not every 1 has a fast internet.

AC2 don't compare to those games either, they are leaps and bounds over it. is pretty good BTW

ThanatosDMC4461d ago

I just wish they'd make installation of the games like Bathesda does it. All in background while you play.

siyrobbo4461d ago

it'll have a 6.8gb install on my 360 copy, as i install everything nowdays anyway

HDgamer4461d ago

Depends on developer. Not all multiplats are installed either.

Pandamobile4461d ago

I know that. It's just generally the case.

zeeshan4461d ago

I am playing this game just now. I have had it for some time now but just didn't have time to play it. I must say, I have to do the same damn sh*t every time! Climb the tower (view point), take a leap of faith, save a citizen who always have the same thing to say like "A minute or more and they would have made off with me" etc. The graphics are nice, the whole cloud effect is nice, the stealth is nice but the gameplay gets boring :(

orange-skittle4461d ago


No it does not. All PS3 games have to be installed and that's the problem with the system. It has nothing to do with load times. It's the architecture of the processor. The game loads the same on 360. That's the problem people are having with the PS3. It means if you don't have 2GB left on your HDD, you cannot play or have to delete some content on your HDD. There's a game data utility and save game file, so you use even more space just to save your files unless you overwrite the previous save point. My 40GB has barely any space on it and I have only 20 games. I also have no movies, mp3's, or pictures on there. I had to buy and external TB HDD to hold my files because the PS3 is horrible with space. I am still on my original 20GB HDD for my launch 360. It's almost filled because I downloaded both Episodes of GTA4 and Battlefield:Bad Company and 1943 on my HDD. It's better to buy Multiplatform games on your 360 for 2 reasons.

#1-It was developed on that system
#2-No storage necessary to play it. Only to save it

vhero4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

I just find it amazing people complain about ps3 installs yet nobody has complained ever about pc installs in the history of pcs. It's nothing but a petty argument by 360 owners who are trying to keep score.

NewZealander4461d ago

this is why i preordered the game on 360, if reviews say both versions are atleast equal or the ps3 version is better ill be happy to change, but as with most multiplat games just being equal is probably a bit much to hope for right now.


BD drive reads a lot faster than DVD drives and at more stable speed (since they are CLV, not CAV), just check the bit transfer rate, a 4x BD drive beats a 12x DVD... The problem isn't reading, the problem is searching for data.

PS3 takes more time searching because its drive is a 2x CLV BD while 360 has a 12x CAV DVD, with a 8x time real spin rate (because all discs are double layered). In the case of PS3 to 360 drivers it's a technical tie. Constant 9MBps for PS3 and 360 vary between 4.36MBps and 10.57MBps (avg around 8MBps).

What first party developers do is simple program the data in a order that optimize speed and program data within information to where the next data are in the disc, accelerating the process. Not rocket science but no easy task too.

For me, I'm cool with installs. Sony themselves promote the HD as a workaround for the slow spin BD drive in the PS3 so to not compromise load times.

FACTUAL evidence4460d ago

yea looks like i need to upgrade, my OG 80gb aint cuttin for this 2gb install...

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NotSoSilentBob4461d ago

Not as bad as the 4 gigs of the original I think it was.

ZombieAutopsy4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

I just started playing the original again and it dont think its anywhere near 4gigs.

EDIT: Just checked it and it was around 1300mb

NotSoSilentBob4461d ago

My mistake thanks for correcting.

moosehound4461d ago

Yeah a lot of smack is talked about PS3 installs but it certainly helps make the game run /load faster ;)

Noctis Aftermath4461d ago

I'm all for them taking advantage of the PS3's harddrive in every system, so long as they don't go over 5gig( the limit for me), the hard drive is there to be used, not just to store my music and por.... but yeah just don't make it as long as DMC4 install and it should be alright.

Neurotoxin4461d ago

As long as you don`t fall out of levels, get stuck in horses..... Etc

And the game LOADS!!!!

its all good :)