Borderlands Xbox 360 version is on fire while PS3 version is struggling This month has been very crowded with the release of some of the biggest hitters this year. Exclusive Games such as Uncharted 2, Forza 3 are currently enjoying great success in all regions. But what had caught my attention when I saw the latest worldwide sales figures from is the poor sales of the PS3 version of Borderlands.

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hardcore19123279d ago

Even gamespot gave the PS3 version a lower score than both of the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Genesis53279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Or it could be that PS3 gamers have a much wider selection of games to choose from this fall. Not to mention it's VG charts they're using.

Well I just finished DS last night. Will start UC2 sometime today, then I just purchased R&C ACIT yesterday and I am looking forward to Dragon age on tuesday. There is just know way I can squeeze Borderlands in right now. I'd really like to do my 2nd play through of DS too. But I want to play UC2 as well.

@ hardcore
Yeah you're right but how many other people are in the same boat as me.

blitz06233279d ago

I believe that's right. It's just how MW2 for 360 is out preordering the PS3 version

immortal843279d ago

We are used to see the Xbox 360 version of a certain multiplatform game to sell better, but not by this huge margin. PS3 gamers does have more choices to choose from with games such as Uncharted 2 and Demon Soul, but it shouldn't affect the sales of Borderlands (PS3 version) like this. The prove to this is Halo 3: ODST which has sold more copies than Uncharted 2 and in the same time the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands is outselling Forza 3.

Zedux3279d ago

why would I take VGChartz numbers? They have PS3 at 25 million while Sony announced to share holders 27 million sold worlwide this guys are fake!

Would you buy uncharted 2 n demons soul or boderlands? Just think for a sec! Get used to it PS3=Exclusives!

hardcore19123279d ago

Even if VGchartz is not 100% correct, it will not change the fact the Xbox 360 version is selling far more better than the PS3. Adjusting the numbers up or down will not change anything.

YoungKiller253279d ago

the ps3 has far better games coming out then borderlands and people are buying those.

Uncharted 2
Demon soul's
people have to save their money to buy these games of course Borderlands will be knocked down to the bottom of the list

Hellsvacancy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I bought it 4 the Ps3, although i do think the games total crap, its borin as hell (just me)

HolyOrangeCows3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

They gave the PS3 version a lower score because the servers were having problems.
(Something they ''shockingly'' didn't do to Gears of War 2's score)

The PS3 version is actually a rare exception in which it's the superior version:

BloodyNapkin3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Well you can have UC2 and R&C beat in a week by playing 3 hours a day for 7 days. I mean what are you going to do with the rest of the time. Borderlands is actually a pretty good game it is a little slow at first but flourishes into a very nice game. And IMO Demonsouls is not a very good game, good that some people are enjoying it though but it is not for me.

54percent3279d ago

No wonder it has low sales, this month the PS3 users have to deal buying Uncharted 2, Demon Souls, Fighting titles like King of fighters, Blaz blue.. wew... too much variety.. Tekken, PES 2010, Ratchet and Clank, PSN Titles... I mean... With all that why they need to focus on one single title?

kalebgray923279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

whether either platform some people just dont want to play it.... 360 gamers have different tastes than ps3 gamers ..... rpg's sell better on ps3 and shooters sell better on 360..... its like why did a movie sell more in california than new york... come on now

Jaces3279d ago

Well when you have Brutal Legend, Demons Souls, R&C, and Uncharted 2 along with Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition I can imaging the sales for the PS3 version of Borderlands would be quite low.

madkrazygames3279d ago

Do you really think that the PS3 sold less because Gamespot gave it .5 points off?

UnwanteDreamz3279d ago

I rent most multiplatform games I play. Gotta save the cash for exclusives. I only bought 1 multiplat game this year but I own all the exclusives that have dropped.

Voozi3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

No surprise to me, I'm too busy playing all my AAA PS3 exclusives to even bother with multiplats. I haven't played a game on my 360 in ages, which is why I preordered Modern Warfare 2 for it. There's no way I could have squeezed in MW2 onto my PS3 with all these exclusives out now I'm playing lol.

So I'll give my 360 some love with a multiplatform since the exclusive GAMES (Not DLC ;p ) this year for it have been poopy and I haven't bought any for it

AKNAA3279d ago

I bought Borderlands for the ps3 because it was $39.00. Although, I have yet to try it out cause I'm waiting to exchange it for something better for the same price:) ... still considering Tekken since I need a new fighting game...

raztad3279d ago

Borderland PS3 sales is not related with quality (or lack thereof).

I just bought Demons Souls, Uncharted2, ACiT and NGS2. GowC is preordered. On the multiplat side I'm expecting to see how Dragon Age or ACII perform. Borderland is a no go.

Perjoss3279d ago

not sure about PS3 version but I had serious frame rate issues on the last mission on 360, also on the mission where you take a lift up high in the salt flats, bad frame rates are annoying in a shooter.

Christopher3279d ago

It's a multiplayer game, it's going to do much better on the 360 in the U.S. without much trouble.

Personally, I got it for PC over the 360 or PS3.

morganfell3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

As soon as I saw those videos with the AI enemies absorbing countless bullets I didn't feel nostalgia for older games. I cancelled my preorder. And it is good that I did. There are far too many titles in which I am buried. I just racked up my Platinum trophy on UC2 and spent this morning in R&C ACIT. Add to that I am still trying to beat NGS2 on Path of the Master Ninja.

As for Demon Souls, well, that's one of those titles you just plan on spending months to get through.

Now pile on better multiplatform titles than Borderlands and you have ask where is the time. It's a substandard game.

Don't even think about standing Borderlands MP up against Uncharted MP.

Liquid Dust3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Unfortunately, I have the game on my radar of games I want to purchase, but currently my queue looks like this for oct-nov...

Uncharted 2 > Demon's Souls (50 hours in) > Ratchet and Clank CIT > Modern Warefare 2 > Boderlands

This has been my friends queue with a 360 for october-november

...uh > ...hmm > I guess I'll go with Borderlands... since ODST took me an afternoon to finish > Modern Warefare 2 > Forza 3

Aclay3279d ago

The PS3 had THREE Exclusives released in October alone (Demons Souls, Ratchet, Uncharted 2) of course Borderlands on the PS3 isn't selling much.

Borderlands was NEVER on my radar to begin with this Fall, and I probably won't ever consider get it until it's $30 bucks at least. Assassin's Creed 2 is the only other Multiplatform game that I'm getting this year, and other than that, it's the GOW Collection, and Ratchet: A Crack in Time.

Anon19743279d ago

I'm sure it's a good game and all, but I'm currently loving Uncharted 2, Trine just came out and it's a blast, I'm playing through the Fallout 3 expansion packs, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and I haven't even had a chance yet to put in Batman - it's just been gathering dust. And right around the corner is Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.

It's certainly not because some site said the PS3 versions had some screen tearing that I'm staying away from Borderlands, it's simply because there's a lot of excellent titles out right now vying for my game time. LOT said both versions suffered from screen tear, but the PS3 version had much better textures load times (which never really bother me) and online have already been patched, on both versions.

If I do buy Borderlands it'll probably be sometime next year, and then probably used on the console that doesn't charge me extra to play it. That's if I bother at all. They really released it during a busy time. They should have waited for a lull in game releases.

soljah3278d ago

actually borderlands and forza are doing bad on the 360. 200k plus week 1 is bad for a top tier release.

what you will see is number going down ea week for 360 and ps3 numbers pick up

BattleAxe3278d ago

Too busy playing Uncharted 2 and Socom. I'm gonna have to find time to fit in MW2.

Hellsvacancy3278d ago

Yeah your right, i shoulda followed my instincts on this 1 but im rather rich at the mo and hav money 2 waste and i only paid 23quid 4it and i could sell it 4 that so it wasnt a total loss

As 4 Demon Soul like u said ill need 2 put sum time in 2 that game so thats on hold 4now

I shall buy AC2 and rent MW2

Heavy Rain, Mafia 2 and Rage r wot i want

Bubble 2 u

Blaster_Master3278d ago

Hahahaha! 360 users bragging about a multiplatform game thats selling more because they dont have any other games to play right now. Same goes for MW2. Its the only game worth playing on the system so of course its gonna sell more. You 360 guys really need to wake up and smell the coffee. The ps3 has more games to play, thats why it sells games less.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

This isn't anything new been like this for a long time now. The 360 and PS3 total console numbers arnt as far apart as the Wii vs PS3 and 360. The number of games sold on the 360 is mind blowing because it outsells both 95% of the time. Once in a while a game will sell better on the PS3 and most of that is in Japan.

The 360 puts up high numbers on all the big ones Fallout, Bioshock, Half Life, COD+MW, Madden, RE5, GTA IV, Saints Row, NFS, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Oblivion, Battlefield, DMC, Lost Planet, and on and on. You can throw darts blind folded at sales numbers and the 360 almost always come out on top.

Whats even more mind blowing is the 360's numbers are double and somtimes 4 times as many with only a 7-8 million install base lead. Then when you compare first party games to the PS3 like Halo 3 10 million and Gears 2 5 million the PS3 doesn't look to good with just MGS4 at 4 million. Anyway you look at it the 360 is number 1 when it comes to pushing games.

So it makes no difference that this game was released close to Uncharted 2. There hasn't been that many great games released on the PS3 over the past 3yrs to justify the curb stomping MS gives Sony in game sales.

PS3Freak3278d ago

No matter what console you own, you should play this game. It is alot of fun. The mass array of weapons is so captivating along with all the missions you can do.

ultimolu3278d ago

Just lol.

And this is something to brag about. One multiplatform title. Too much variety on the PS3. I have to beat Uncharted 2, NGS2, still playing Blazblue...yeah.

I may get this game but this is grasping at straws here.

ButterToast3278d ago

I think its more the fact that PS3 owners have exclusives Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls, and Ratchet & Clank to worry about. what big exclusives do 360 owners have coming out right now right now?

RememberThe3573278d ago

I have to say that I've loved playing through Borderlands. It is the type of game that I wanted. Nothing too deep, and all about the weapons. It's the kind of game that you can play over and over again. I'd recommend this game to anyone who has the time.

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

That is the best explanation. Also, many games this gen have been FPS. lol @ Jason 360's "rationale" (I used that word loosely).

Domenikos3278d ago

I just got U2 + DSouls

My wallet is f+++++ up


morganfell3278d ago

I'm rather wealthy as well. I routinely purchase multiple copies of titles - I have 3 PS3s in my house - but I just couldn't purchase a title I already knew I would not enjoy.

shovelbum3278d ago

This really isn't anything new. 360 versions often sell more copies, millions more is some cases, but releasing so close to Uncharted 2 can't help your cause either. It doesn't bode well for PS3 owners who want to see more games developed on that console and ported to the 360 though. Sales drive industry standards so the vast majority of multi-platform games will continue to be ported to the PS3 with differing results. Borderlands is an awesome experience IMO and is a definite own.

Lifendz3278d ago

You put a game out with issues and bugs and they'll pass more times than not. Throw me in that category. Look at Arkhma Asylum. 3rd party games can do really good, if not better, on the PS3 when they're done right. I think some study showed the median PS3 gamer was in his mid 20s and was college educated. We're not rushing out to the stores making impulse purchases.

And it's not a knock on 360 gamers. The 360 version supposedly works just fine. No server issues.

JD_Shadow3278d ago

Wait...Borderlands came out? When did THIS happen?

This site's just grabbing at straws if you ask me.

By the way:

"Even gamespot gave the PS3 version a lower score than both of the Xbox 360 and PC versions."

Gamespot ALWAYS scores PS3 versions of multiplatform games lower. Gamespot's been a f*cking joke ever since the Kane & Lynch debacle.

vhero3278d ago

Most people don't read review sites before buying games they buy magazines related to their own consoles and judge on that so don't think because 360 got a higher rating that's why its selling more that's a stupid reason. Plus there are other multi plat games that sold better on ps3 where 360 version was superior or matched so your argument is flawed. I have the ps3 version of borderlands and its great I think the main reason is the game looks like an FPS from the back of the box and reviews and a LOT of gamers still consider the 360 as an FPS console. FPS games will ALWAYS sell better on 360 you can bet your ass COD MW2 will sell better on 360 for the same reason. PS3 has a more broader audience that's a FACT.

ReviewsArePolitics3278d ago

360 fans are simply starved for games from last-gen and this gen, that's why they buy anything that's available on the market


TheReaper423278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

What's borderland?

Demon Soul and Uncharted 2 seems to bury whatever this borderland game is.

sikbeta3278d ago

Now this is funny:

"I saw the latest worldwide sales figures from ->||<- is the poor sales of the PS3 version of Borderlands"

Get IT?

XD ... wait this is not funny -_-

Seriously, I see double standard every time I read about
Lets get this clear, this site is Reliable or NOT?

I got nothing against this site, but I want to clear this, once and for all

Trebius3278d ago

PS3 has many more games to choose from at the moment, and GOOD games...

While 360 owners have been playing Gears 2 and Halo 3 for the past decade.

I dont care what anyone says, that's the reason why. 360 owners JUMP at new games even if they're mediocre, cause their well is dry.

leyego23278d ago

"No matter what console you own, you should play this game. It is alot of fun. The mass array of weapons is so captivating along with all the missions you can do."

that comment right there is full of sh!t.

theres only a couple of gun types (smg, rifle, snipe, revolver, shotgun, handgun) the only difference from one gun of the same type to the next is if it has higher dmg, acc, mag size, fire rate, a scope, and elemental effects.

its like diablo where u get the exact same armor or weapon but with different def or attack points on it.

Borderlands sucks, its the most dissappointing game ive come across this gen and thats saying something. should have followed my gut feeling and never have bought it. wasn't worth the $40 i spent. thank god my friend took it off my hands a week later.

beavis4play3278d ago

you contribute a story with a flaming title and then at post 1 you make a fanboyish comment..... and when did gamespot become the defacto source for "good" or "bad" versions of games?
besides, with demon souls, uncharted2, and ratchet:aCiT just released in the last month, i don't think ps3 owners have time for borderlands.
not to mention the GOW3 demo i'm downloading right now!!! or the MAG demo i'm downloading right after that!!!

no hardcore, as much as i hate to crush your silly fanboy ps3 gamers just have waaaaaaaaaay too much kick @ss, exclusive gaming going on to try and make time for borderlands.
meanwhile, 360 gamers should have PLENTY of time to play borderlands. during the entire year of 2009, the only exclusive "games" of consequence is that glorified, overpriced rehash called "halo:ODST" and GTA expansions forza 3 ( a very high-quality racing game, by the way).
and i do apologize for sounding fanboyish.......but it just happens to be the truth.

gameplayer3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

the chicken or the egg?
Are sales low because the ps3 gets bad ports or does the ps3 get bad ports because sales are low?

Think about it guys, the game scored well but ps3 owners are turning their noses up at it because the 360 version scored slightly better?! Everyone seems to think that this sends a message to developers 'make ps3 games equal or we won't buy them' but the REAL message you are sending to developers is 'developing games on PS3 is a highly risky venture and you may not make your money back even if you have an excellent product'

Does Anybody honestly think this developer is going to look at it's sales, then read through comments like these and think 'next time we'll make the PS3 budget bigger so we can get better sales' or do you think they will think 'next time we will cut our development budget in half by not even developing a ps3 version, get extra funding, technical support and media coverage from microsoft for being an exclusive and probably get better sales numbers to boot'.

So, yeah, go ahead and talk about how you are all too busy playing first and second party games on the PS3 to bother with third party games and back that stance up by not buying third party games and see how that works out for you.

Support the games.

pixelsword3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

The PS3 has three games that are arguably much better rated overall coming out/are out (ratchet N clank, demon's souls, uncharted 2) so why would anyone get borderlands when they have three games to choose from?

(at above)

The PS3 version scored lower because of the server troubles (which they never did to Gears 2, by the way) but the overall quality goes in the PS3's direction if you read the reviews. And I don't support games because there's games that need "supporting", I buy games that interest me.

PeptoBismol3278d ago

PS3 and 360 versions are identical

aftrdark213278d ago

And I'm loving it. Played it for 4 hrs yesterday on split screen co op. For me it's serving a purpose. I finished UC2 last week so I had time to play Borderlands. But it is true. PS3 had a crapload of games released in Oct. I can see how Borderlands slid under the radar.

darkmurder3278d ago

Lol @ sony fanboys in damage control mode.

kws10653278d ago

There are many good games worth flaimbaiting.

frostypants3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

PS3 gamers are too busy playing Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls to pay much attention to this game.

@0.3: Damage control? How so? You can't play sales. It's just the truth. Borderlands is competing against a bunch of 2009 AAA exclusives on the PS3. On the 360, it's up against jack squat other than Forza.

Edit: I've been playing this on my PC. It's BOOOORING. What do you people see in it? It feels like a $29 game. Take away the cell-shaded graphics and it's got nothing going on for it...

DeejayTai3278d ago

Borderlands is selling because on 360 there ain't SH!T ELSE to play really...2010's gonna be even worse for M$

DeejayTai3278d ago

I'll be honest.. I got PS3 and I wasn't thinkin' about buying that sh!ty game either, I want the GOOD GAMES!!
Developers are gonna realize that if they keep doing crappy ports, it's gonna hurt THEIR sales in the long run. PS3 exclusives generally sell like hotcakes.

zeeshan3278d ago

It HAD to sell better on 360. That's only natural! PS3 users have got wayy too much going for them already. There are so many AAA PS3 exclusives, some of us have to think about our personal finances. Y'know have a certain budget for games. That and add the fact that PS3 version of the game had issues, I am glad it's not selling that much and I reallyy hope the same happens with Bayonetta. DEVS need to learn a lesson and that is to STOP being lazy as* and produce a quality results with minimum or no bugs!

densai3278d ago

all the ps3 owners are busy playing exclusives like uncharted.

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Ninji3279d ago

Xbots only buy shooters and PS3 owners have used up their money on Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2, and Ratchet & Clank which all came out in the same month (some may have also even imported Bayonetta since it's in English). Fallout 3 sucked and this has the same feel to it. It's a shooter trying to pass itself off as a RPG and it fails.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3278d ago

Resistance 1 and 2, R&C, Killzone 2 and Uncharted 1 and 2 are all shooters. How stupid are you?

d0nT wOrrY3278d ago

R&C, Uncharted 1 and 2 are NOT shooters. How stupid are you?

Silentmerc3nary3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

You shoot things, they die, therefore they are shooters. Sure, they may not be just shooters, some may include platforming aswell as adventuring, but still allow you to shoot and kill...
All fantastic games though. XD

AngryTypingGuy3278d ago

I guess all of the PS3 guys bought Bayonetta.

There are definitely some different tastes in gaming among the two groups. Borderlands is a definite buy for me somewhere down the road.

isa_scout3278d ago

i bought borderlands and im trading it in today cuz it really sucks playing by yourself

ChrisW3278d ago

Helps if you HAVE friends!

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Marty83703279d ago

Thats why sales of PS3 version are doubling 360 version.

Oldsnake0073278d ago

not only JApan, in the whole world ps3 outsells 360 even in US

n4gn4gn4gn4g3279d ago

VGArabia cross-referencing VGChartz.

It is like I'm in a huge thread of suck.