Top 7 Wii Games for Hardcore Gamers

GB writes: "We all know the Wii lacks in providing hardcore gamers with a fun and visceral experience along with a forgettable online service. But being a new Wii owner I searched for the most hardcore games and I stumbled upon 7 unique games that give the players a fun and unique way of playing games."

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williamkenny3276d ago

Super Smash Bros isn't a hardcore game. It's for kids.

butterfinger3276d ago

I guess it's pretty clear that you don't know how to play it then.

Fierce Musashi3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

If you play it on it's weakest levels in every mode, constantly fight against level 1 cpu players, don't train or go to tournaments. Then yeah. =D

How long have YOU'VE been Smashing? >_>

ape0073276d ago

you don't know anything about videogames

the super smash bros franchise gave me some of the most amazing\fun moments in my life

my favorite characters was mario and DK


hal studios are legends

sikbeta3276d ago

"Super Smash Bros isn't a hardcore game. It's for kids"

Yes It is, but you can still enjoy it, you feel complete when you kick mario and luigi asses so hard

Cheeseknight283276d ago

Your hypocritical skills are amazing. You call Brawl a kids game yet you use an avatar from the kiddiest Battlefield game ever made.

You obviously don't go to college either, me and my roommates have a Brawl party every week. Nothing in multiplayer is more fun than grabbing a smash ball and getting a triple kill.

williamkenny3275d ago

I was just playing Devil's Advocate.

butterfinger3275d ago

So basically, you just say BS for no reason other than to get people to comment on your submissions? Now that I know that, I'll just kindly disagree and take a bubble from you every chance I get.

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gameseveryday3276d ago

I guess Resident Evil is one of the most hardcore games on any console, let alone the Wii.

williamkenny3276d ago

Hell yes! RE4 is the scariest one in the franchise by far. I just can't take the Wii seriously though. Not enough games like this ^^.

sikbeta3276d ago

REmake for GC is more scary than RE4, but RE4 is the best in the whole franchise by far

gameseveryday3276d ago

Well the Wii was always targetted towards the casual gamers. But the majority still are the serious gamers, so its no wonder that you are one from them.

williamkenny3276d ago

But judging by the number of people who bought the Wii, the number of casual gamers is growing...

ChickeyCantor3276d ago

Actually the majority have always been " casual " gamers.
There are enough casual games that outsold God of War 1 and 2 on the Ps2.

And its funny when Nintendo is trying to reach everyone they are after the "casual" gamers.
The things "hardcore" gamers demand for their games sound more casual than a casual gamer.

(i hate both words, they hold no water)

Fierce Musashi3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Casuals have been playing a big role in gaming for a long time. Look at the number of PS2 consoles sold and compare that to number of sales of the "hardcore" games that sold well.

Ah, Sidar already got this. XD

N4g_null3276d ago

It seems like when nintendo does some thing the PR for the other guys find a way to use name calling to make it look bad. Unfortunatly the online gamers respond to name calling more than actualy good games. It's just like it's more important to have voice chat than to have a better or fun game.

Hell I'm starting to wonder if you guys even play for fun any more. Trolling are being a fanboy is more important than gaming right now. It's hard to find true console gamers these days and it seems pc gaming has won by assuming the clothes of a console.

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gameseveryday3276d ago

The Wii has sold over 55 million consoles worldwide, and yes the number of casual gamers are more than that. But i must give it to Nintendo they have really made the market broader.

williamkenny3276d ago

I almost don't want them to succeed...I want more hardcore gamers!

N4g_null3276d ago

Where do you think nintendo got the idea of casual gaming. It was born on a ps console when they made gaming about looks only rather than fun.

Sony has succeeded in making the industry what it currently is which is one driven to be like pc games rather than extend what we loved about gaming. When Sony decides to leave no one will miss them it seems because Sony games are about more power and some generic high end style.

Ms is even worst they are not even trying any more it seems but behind the scenes stuff is being made. Yet I'm a little tired of what you guys call hardcore. We would call that pc gaming on a budget.

The funny thing is if nintendo all of a suddent remade all of their games darker then would you like that?
I'm sure you would then call them depressing right.

Just remember you can not please hate.

gameseveryday3276d ago

well the hardcore gamers will remain where they are and the casuals will remain where they are so I dont thnk the Wii has can destroy the hardcore market.

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