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FPS Gamer writes: "Hands-on time with EA Digital Illusions CE's second big native console Battlefield. Let the question mark bombardment commence!"

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leper6413366d ago

Been waiting for this one...

Zedux3366d ago

I played 99% of the time online with the first one it was so fun!

dirigiblebill3366d ago

The multiplayer's always going to be fun as far as I'm concerned - it's the single player they need to work on.

4Sh0w3366d ago

Im wondering if I should pick this up? Its tough to decide with so many great shooters coming out all in the same timeframe.

madpuppy3366d ago

You won't be disappointed.

Pandamobile3365d ago

This > Everything coming out in the next 6 months.

ambientFLIER3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I'm going to laugh if this game turns out to be lackluster...and everybody is praising it non-stop like the next coming of Jesus.

evrfighter3365d ago

BF1942 > Cod1
Bf2> Cod2
Bf2142 > Cod3

Cod4 > Oh right DICE didn't release a Battlefield title that year.

So far history has shown that when DICE makes a PC version of Battlefield. CoD is left out to dry. Why would it be any different now?

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ZombieAutopsy3366d ago

Hope they have a clan system similar to Battlefield 2:Modern Combat, that was my only problem with BFBC...well that and the broken mic.

madpuppy3366d ago

I thought it was my blutooth headset I even went out and got the PS headset and it still sucked.

blah, I got a turtle beach P21
now, what a great headset.

Anti-Fanboyer3365d ago

I liked roaming the map freely with friends before the match begins.

psycho3603366d ago

I did not have any problem with communication in BF:MC or BF:BC atleast on 360.

madpuppy3365d ago

To be honest, I cannot stand Blutooth headsets. I cannot hear clearly with one even with a cell phone.

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Nihilism3366d ago

Does anyone know if this will have offline multiplayer, ( bots), I've even asked this question on the official forums but no-one could be bothered taking the time to answer me. I reeeeeeeeally want this game but I don't play online

Pandamobile3365d ago

What the hell? Why?

And no, as far as I know there's no offline bot multiplayer. There's a singleplayer campaign though.

But still, what the hell?

Nihilism3365d ago

because i play games to relax, if i wanted to deal with a bunch of people i would play sport...

Is it that hard to understand?, i don't play games competitively, i play them for my enjoyment, i heard that the older games had bots, i figured there would be a chance that this one would...

ambientFLIER3365d ago

Bots rock. Sometimes I just want to slaughter 1000 of them in a row with exactly the settings that I choose. Every game should have bots. Too bad that online play gave everyone an excuse to not include them...

evrfighter3365d ago

Battlefield has always had a singleplayer community. There have been total conversion mods

see BF2's AIX

I don't see it changing tbh.

madpuppy3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Bad Company is a great game, improving and refining the graphics, gameplay and physics
Can only make it even greater.

(I think I just commented on the wrong thread...:P )

ambientFLIER3365d ago

That's ok, I know what you were replying to.

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