Grand Theft Auto V set in France?

Nextgamer writes: "Grand theft Auto V will be set in Paris (France). Why? Read our theory."

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Feral Gamer3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

So you'd go around the city and everyone would have Pepe Le Pew accents?

"Monsieur, don't take my car!"

Jamegohanssj53366d ago

I'd cream myself if this was true; however, I still want my damn PS3 Vice City.


ElementX3366d ago

It's time to move on to bigger and better things. I want something other than a remake of an old title.

Zedux3366d ago

the question is... Will Grand Theft Auto V be the game it can be?!

FuckinUsername3366d ago

But the original First gta had the same cities aswell..

"Grand Theft Auto takes place in three large cities, all of which are modelled after real cities: Liberty City which is based on New York City, Vice City based on Miami, and San Andreas based on San Francisco"

Hellsvacancy3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this aint true - bring it 2 London/Uk and perhaps travel 2 France/other Eu countries 4 1-off missions

whoelse3366d ago

The evidence in this article does point to a French GTA, but I just can't see it happening. Sorry.

3366d ago
Disccordia3366d ago

It will not be called Grand Theft Auto V

WeaseL3366d ago

If its on 360 & PS3 it will just be France but if they make PS3 exclusive they could use all of Europe.

ElementX3366d ago

"Man Pen!s being shown in lost and dammed"

As opposed to woman pen!s?

So what's up with every other developer showing barely clothed tits and ass? How about the film industry? All you see is T and A, never c0ck, except a glimpse in 28 Days Later.

So what if there's a d!ck in a game? You have one, don't you? I'm sure you don't avoid looking at yours. Next time just close your eyes and quit complaining.

ReviewsArePolitics3366d ago

I would absolutely love GTA Paris, with the Eiffel Tour, Arc du triumph, Louvre Museum, tons of Moroccan/Tunisian gangs, multi-cultural cosmopolitan city... It would allow itself for many interesting missions.

RememberThe3573366d ago

But I'm not opposed to is either. I think it's just need time to sink in. Plus, I'm not sure how an American audience would react to having a GTA game in France.

edgeofblade3366d ago

Seems like recent GTAs have been more about commentary on the American way of life and it's myriad contradictions and counter-intuitive principles. I don't think Rockstar will give up the target rich environment of the US for French surrender jokes...

memots3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Nooon please monsieur Do note Shoote me in the bagette !!

What arrrre you doiiing with that bleu cheese .. Noooo Do no shove it in there !!


don't worry i am French-Can so am allowed. :P

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memots3365d ago

San-andreas 2 ? and Then more of the same new-york city 2 . Then more Vice city 3.

Seriously how bout a little change.

itsralf3366d ago

All the GTA games have been the same so far, needs some serious changes if they expect me to buy it. Especially after the horrible replay value of the 4.

poindat3366d ago

If you have found the GTA games to be boring, then maybe it just isn't your thing. I doubt R* would make any radical changes to the series that made them successful, unless it stops selling, which I doubt will happen.

itsralf3364d ago

I enjoy the series in general. I still play GTA3 all the time.
But that's because that one was a huge step forward.
San Andreas had a little variety...
But they all seem too similar.
But that's just my opinion.
I just think a new city would be a nice change.

BigKev453366d ago

France? HAHA, please. Next up Vice City!!!!

kaveti66163366d ago

We've seen Vice City. Don't you want something fresh?

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