Shonen Jump reveals FFXIII Crystalium -growth- System (scans+information)

Today the character growth system was revealed in Shonen Jump. The scans are from next week's Shonen Jump so they aren't officialy released yet. Therefore the scans are in low quality for the time being.

The growth system is called "Crystalium System" and closely resembles to the sphere grid from FFX. In battle you will earn CP (Crystalium Points) instead of Experience points which aren't in the game (like FFX). There won't be a level-up system in FFXIII! With the earned CP points you will be able to learn an ability and when you learned it another one will open up.

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Vivi3272d ago

Scans are here.

Need the full Jump scans or the next Famitsu issue for more detail. Skills/Attacks, Weapons, Summons and the Paradgim Shift System can all be leveled up so that will all fit in to place somewhere within this new system.

Yarite3272d ago

Phew. Good to know it's more like the FFX system rather then the FFXII system.

Sphere Grid > Basic boring leveling.

Felt so much better manually making your characters learn there own skills and giving them stat and health increases. Hated getting all that via leveling up because it felt so random.

villiers3272d ago

Great stuff. The Sphere Grid was really immersive.

I remember loads of JRPG/FF noobs kept complaining about it because they didn't know where to go.

It was pretty obvious that you would take the Warriors towards to the strength, the Black mage (Lulu) towards the Black Magic and the White Mage (Yuna) towards the White/Black Magic and so on.

I mean you could look around the whole grid before even unlocking any of it and somehow people still struggled with that?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

But with what kind of strategies can you come up when you can only use one character? That will be like playing an action game but instead of spamming a button now you will be spamming an in game menu screen...

Yarite3272d ago

Thats what the Paradigm Shifts are for (pretty much jobs).

You can change them mid battle so you could set one character as attack magic only and another using support magic (haste, shell, protect and so on) or just general healing magic. Changing shifts also raises/decreases certain stats and gives you certain abilities so you need the correct one and a good balance for each member and for different enemies and bosses

You can set them initially outside of battle also. Around 10 different shifts revealed so far and they can be leveled up.

Persona 3 has 1 controllable character only and the other 3 AI controlled. That doesn't have the depth this has and it played absolutely fine and was far from a 'X' basher.

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wollie3272d ago

I hated the sphere grid...

hopefully this allows for more customization.
I might be the only person who thought XII was an improvement.