NP: NSMB the "hardest in the series"

Nintendo Dpad writes:
"Nintendo Power had a huge spread on New Super Mario Bros. Wii this month, and the were not shy about describing what could be the hardest game in the series."

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Product3279d ago

Glad to hear there will be a challenge.

Saaking3279d ago

I can't wait for this game. It's gonna be awesome.

Yoshiii3279d ago

this game will sell millions

Smacktard3279d ago

Goddammit, quote taken out of context. They say it's "one of the hardest in the series" not "THE hardest in the series." That goes to Super Mario Bros 2.

Quadrix3279d ago

SMB2 wasn't naturally hard, it was just a jerk, kinda like IWBTG.

Smacktard3278d ago

I kind of agree, to be honest. But SMB2 is a bit different... IWBTG kills players a lot of the time by springing surprise traps on them... stuff players would not know about unless they were already killed by it. SMB2 isn't quite the same.

asdr3wsfas3278d ago

While not a Nintendo release, asshole mario is absurd.

Skip ahead to actual gameplay:

asyouburn3278d ago

how it stacks up to the difficulty of "the lost levels" cuz i used to lay awake at night in my bed begging god to make that snes cart manifest itself into flesh so i could strangle it to death.

ozstar3277d ago

I can't get past world 2 in LL, i hadn't played it till this gen.

Im slowly working my way through SMB3, first time in over a decade.

I assume this game will be difficult. Certainly longer than 5 hrs for me. (This coming from a SMW obsessive)

TheBand1t3278d ago

Never get enough Super Mario. Love 'em.

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