Achievements that Unlock Avatar stuff in Halo Waypoint.

To all of those selected for the dashboard update preview Halo Waypoint is now available for download on the Xbox dashboard and I must admit its cooler than I thought it would be. For the most part if you have played any of the Halo games Halo3, Halo Wars, or Halo 3 ODST you should start off with some cool stuff for your avatar. That's right included in Waypoint are avatar awards. Here's a quick list.

1) ODST Helmet - Unlocked by .....

2) ODST Shirt - Unlocked by ......

3) ODST Hoodie - Unlocked by .......

4) Secret - Unlocked by doing nothing

5) Recon Helmet - Unlocked by .......

6) ODST Armor - Unlocked by .......

So if you want all the avatar unlockables once Waypoint drops for everyone get on those acheivements and you'll start with all the gear. So what do you think good idea, or bad idea for Microsoft to include these new unlockables to kick off Halo Waypoint?

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AgentSnowman3271d ago

Pretty cool, to bad only one of them is challenging to get. But I'm totally in to stuff like this, keep it coming Microsoft <3

ASSASSYN 36o3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The secret unlock is guilty spark prop. It flies around annoying the living sheet out of your avatar. You unlock this prop simply by downloading and joining least that is how it works in the preview.

CRAIG6673271d ago

i have unlocked 9 of the 11 thus far,still im mot that into the whole idea of avatars in the first place but waypoint does seem cool.

The guilty spark is funny though!!!

FantasyStar3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

* Tourist – Black ODST T-shirt
* Dark Times – ODST Hoodie
* Campaign Complete (Normal) – Rookie’s Helmet
* Good Samaritan – ODST Body Armor
* Vidmaster Challenge: Endure – Dare Recon Helmet (Female), Recon Helmet (Male)

from (there, I saved you about 5-10 seconds clicking out)

kissmeimgreek3271d ago

already unlocked most of these!

oh and does anyone know if the guilty spark prop is for the beta members only or does everyone get it when they get waypoint? (i want to have something no one else has for once...)