Mass Effect 2: Shepard vs. zombie apocalypse and new Subject Zero shot

Mass Effect 2 gameplay vid and one new screenshot from Subject Zero released.

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Kareshi_X3274d ago

Why isn't there any Physical attacks like punch and kicking? I think they should make that possible so you can get rid of the enemies that comes close to you.

dgroundwater3274d ago

You can beat down by pulling the right trigger when you are facing an enemy. The slam to the floor sometimes!

kalebgray923273d ago

cant wait for this plus all the other ps360 games in 2010....eff wii

Acidicpack3273d ago

Sick just plain SICK. ME2 BEING IT ON!!!!!!

zeeshan3273d ago

It looks way better than the first game. Can't wait!

Nihilism3273d ago

haha dgroundwater got a disagree for answering a question, even though his answer was right. Just because the person playing was too stupid to pull the trigger....

You can smash them in the face with the butt of your gun, it does a **** load of damage, and like he said, it sends them flying

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Software_Lover3273d ago

Someone is going around giving phantom disagrees because we actually like the game. Just sad.

4Sh0w3273d ago

1 of my favorite games this gen looks like its going to be even better, gamers win.

Dude4203273d ago

But I think this game is looking amazing. Definitely one of the top games.

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