Scribblenauts Halloween Level Available Tomorrow

YourEMGN: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has said they will be giving away an exclusive Scribblenauts level to all gamers over the age of 12 or accompanied by a parent. All you have to do is head over to London Dungeon on Halloween (October 31st) between midday - 3.00PM with a copy of Scribblenauts and you will able to download the new level using the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection.

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Madusha3279d ago

Sucks because it's not available worldwide. Scribblenauts will be the DS GOTY. Perfect game, uses the touch screen well.

Battlefield3279d ago

If it uses Wi-Fi for the download, why not make it available worldwide??

Like the pokemon world trading thing.

Madusha3279d ago

Yeah not sure, maybe a treat for London users.

nintendostar3279d ago

The article said that this is the only timed exclusive