Top 3 Reasons why Xbox Live is now becoming more of 'a worth while buy'

A top 3 list, of reasons why Xbox Live is now becoming more of a 'Worth While Buy'. Social networking and Television on the Xbox 360?

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Delta3276d ago

LOL are they serious? I better go out and pay 50$ for Facebook /sarcasm

Armyless3276d ago

Great sarcasm gets me every time.


Delta3276d ago

Bots love to pay for this Sh!t.

naughty573276d ago

I'm using Facebook now, via my PC... Lol

WildArmed3275d ago

exactly. I dunt know why those features make the 50$ price tag more worth it -.-
Quite frankly, 2 years ago was when Live was worth it.
Now its on iffy land. If you want it, get it. But its nothing to cry over.

I was laughing my ass off.. Sky.. you probably have a TV with cable or Dish considering your playing it on one.
FB n Twitter.. well Itouch has no competition here.

Why do people write articles w/o thinking it through?

Godmars2903276d ago

Couldn't help but notice on one of the Last.FM videos for XBL that it seemed to take as long, if not longer, for me to open the PS3's browser and bookmark to Grooveshark. And that's with the browser being slower than a PC's browser.

KionicWarlord2223276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It was pretty fast on my experience .