EVGA launches its Halloween GTX 275 + GTS 250 Co-OP card

EVGA has unveiled its Halloween PhysX card. Even though the launch party is being held at nVidia's campus in Santa Clara later today [starting at 5PM PST], nVidia itself had nothing to do in creation of this card. This is a product that is a pure example of EVGA's engineering strength.

In fact, EVGA did something logical - took the single PCB GTX 295, removed one GTX 275 GPU and its associated memory and build in a GTX 250 card. Known from now on as GeForce GTX 275 Co-Op PhysX, this long board features a GTX 275 GPU clocked at 633 MHz [a bit down from expected 648 MHz], while GTS 250 is ticking at 738 MHz.

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