Indie Game Piracy; Consequences and Recourse writes: "Piracy is a huge issue facing the modern gaming industry. It's so big of an issue, in fact, that studios have closed down entirely because of it. Big-time developers and publishers spend millions of dollars creating elaborate DRM schemes in a vain attempt to stop pirates from getting their game for free. Of course, this has never worked and only serves to harm honest, paying customers instead. Yep, piracy affects everybody from the big publishers/developers, to the consumers and pirates, to even the indie developer; whose games are often seen as easy prey..."

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Kakkoii3279d ago

People who can afford to buy lots of games, yet still pirate are the ones doing harm. The people who truly don't have the money aren't doing any harm, as they never had the cash to buy the game in the first place if they wanted to.

And yeah DRM is ridiculous. It baffles me why any company would think it's a good idea. Take a look at the damn track record! It never freaking works. Your not going to be the exception.