Warhammer Online Unlimited Free Trials Now Live

Patch 1.3.2 went live for Warhammer Online today. One interesting change is that there's no longer a time limit on free trials, which previously lasted ten days.

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Charlie26883273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Despite the fact that its fantastic that they removed the time limit its still not the best showcase of the community for a potential new costumer but its a good demo of the core gameplay, cuz the trial servers are almost deserted (most hours of the day) compared to the real servers which (surprisingly) have a good amount of players on them

in the other hand I recommended asking players with full accounts for the real trial on the real servers (still with 10 day limit) to experience both the community and the gameplay and if you decide to subscribe you get sweet 30 free days :D

Perjoss3273d ago

I recently played on my paying account and I wouldn't exactly call those servers busy either.

EvilCackle3272d ago

Some servers are pretty active but yeah, not all of them and not at every level.