Iwata: Game industry lacked hit titles in first half of 2009, caused "worldwide market contraction"

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has claimed that there were a lack of hit titles in the first half of 2009 across all platforms and that this led to "worldwide market contraction."

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kaveti66163277d ago

Yeah, Microsoft decided not to do much for the first half of 2009, so...

Killzone 2 should have sold like 5 million copies in 5 months. There should be more FPS shooter fans who own PS3s because of RFOM, R2, and KZ2, as well as the multiplat titles like MW, and BFBC.

RememberThe3573277d ago

And I mean FAILED! They wanted it to do MGS4 numbers and it still hasn't done half.

I love Killzone 2, and is irritates me that they just cut their losses on it.

zenosaga043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yea because 2 million in six months, when the previous title, Killzone on the PS2, didn't do half of that in a lifetime is such a disappointment right? hahaha

come on guys face it, playstation has never been about elevating one particular genre above the rest, so why should that thinking start now? Just because you own a PS3 doesn't mean you have to buy Uncharted or Killzone or Metal Gear Solid.

I could own a playstation and love Gran turismo and Little Big Planet but hate God of War and Ratchet and Clank. That's the beauty of having a Playstation system and it always has been. There's no need to focus on one genre because Playstation is about variety. Why is this so hard to understand.

evrfighter3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"playstation has never been about elevating one particular genre above the rest"

JRPG's say hi

you know the review ratings systems are broken when crap like kz2 gets the scores it did.

That or reviewers in general LOWERED their standards this gen. This is across both consoles not just ps3.

Dragun6193277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

.....yea, lacked hit titles for the Wii, sure they had House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld & and few other titles but there weren't the ones the overall Wii Audience wants, *Cough* Wii Sports Plus *Cough*

Other than that, The first half of 2009 had Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4, Blazblue, MLB 09: The Show, Resident Evil 5, Infamous, and Red Fraction: Guerrilla. Overall, it was good start to get in the fall season of games.

Yes, Zeno described how the PlayStation isn't just about one or two franchises but a whole bunch of franchises in which supports comes from many different genres.

Okay, well, what game would you say deserves Killzone 2's score along with what score Killzone 2 should have got.

Honestly, Killzone 2 delivered a great single player experience in which I was fully immersed with it presentation along with impressed with the graphics. And then, the multiplayer was great and enjoyable. Overall, The game deserved the scores it got.

RememberThe3573277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

What is with you and Killzone 2? Did it beat you up in high school or something? Maybe people liked the game? You are not the only opinion of the world.

And if you really want to talk about lower standards just look at Halo 3's scores.

JRPG's were heavy on the Playstation platform because Japanese developers ruled over it. That has changed this generation only because Japanese dev have had a hard time with this generations hardware. If you look at what Sony's published in the past it is clear that they did not focus on one genre.

Why do you always fail when you comment...?

@1.8: Did you really just try to nullify my entire comment because of one sentence that you didn't actually address? lol Come on! I was expecting more from you!

EDIT: Finally! Explanation! That is what I want to see! lol

Let be rebut:
1. There was no more "need" for a quality game on the PS3 then any other platform. Street Fighter, Resident Evil 5, MLB 09, and many others were on the PS3 during the same time.

2. Killzone 2, IMO, is not a waist of money. Just be sure you know what your getting into. The game does not play like any other FPS. If you like FPS the way they are, then leave this game alone. This game came along when I was getting extmely tired of the COD control sceme, and it offered a heavy(dare I say mor manly) feeling to the consoles. Killzon 2 far from the twitch shooters that many gamers have grown accustomed to.

3. I hope you weren't referring to me as an idiot. I read your comment thoughtfully. It made me laugh. I feel the need to point out that it was you who failed to make your position clear to those who would read your comment.

zenosaga043277d ago

Yea because JRPGs were the only things that sold well on the PSone. Forget Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Spyro. If anything, platformers were alot more popular than JRPGs on the PSone.

Playstation has always had a variety of genres under its belt, you can sit here and pretend that JRPGs were the only thing that mattered on the PSone, but we both know that Playstation had a variety of great games in many different genres.

Just so you know, you're oppinion doesn't equal fact buddy. I loved Killzone 2, and apparently so did the majority of the critics if it got a 91 average. Just because you didn't like something doesn't make it bad.

evrfighter3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


remind me again what happened when ff13 was announced as a multiplat?

The entire SDF was brought to it's knees in tears and broken hearts because JRPG's belonged to Playstation and nothing else.

The hatred for SquareEnix is still seen today.

"And if you really want to talk about lower standards just look at Halo 3's scores. "

please read my comment and try try again.

My beef with kz2 is probably that I spent $50 on that turd of a game. That was my first video game purchase where I let the users here @ n4g decide if it was worth it. Imo Their desperation and need for a great game on the ps3 at the time of its release was probably the driving force behind the reviews.

I try every now and then to play it and like it. I'll pop it in and play a round of online but every time the round ends I feel done with it. My opinion is my opinion but if there's people like me (pc fps gamers) who are wondering if buying a ps3 for kz2 and MAG might be a good way to kill time. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. you have been warned.


another idiot who didn't read my first comment

ReviewsArePolitics3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

"you know the review ratings systems are broken when crap like kz2 gets the scores it did. "

It goes both ways, you know. Crap like Halo 3 and Gears 1/2 got so many free passes, those games shouldn't be getting any 10s (especially when you consider that Halo and Gears are aimed at retards). Killzone 2 is not the only game like that.

I wonder if you even want your opinion to be considered seriously, lulz


If you admit "Halo and Gears are mediocre crap, probably worse than killzone, and don't deserve their scores (just like killzone)", then I retract anything I said. Hell, just admit "Halo and Gears are garbage", you can keep your preferences between that crap and killzone (but keep them to yourself, nobody cares what you think anyway)

zenosaga043277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Wait... so because a few people overreacted, now suddenly RPGs are the lifeblood of the playstation? I've got news for you Evr for every Rpg fan that owned a playstation or a playstation 2 there were at least two that detested the genre and probably another 2 that were completely indifferent.

Final Fantasy VII, the best selling final fantasy ever, sold nearly 10 million units on the original Playstation and yet the PSone sold over 100 million units. That means for every one person that owned a playstation and bought the game, there were atleast 9 that didn't.

Gran Turismo, Grand Theft Auto, and even Metal Gear Solid outsold the Final Fantasy franchise on the PS2, so sitting here and acting like one genre, or game for that matter, is any more important or paramount to the playstation as a whole than these other amazing franchises is frankly a little insulting.

I think Final Fantasy's a great franchise and I personally think of them as a "playstation" franchise, but that doesn't change the fact that there were more successful franchises on both the Playstation and the Playstation 2.

kaveti66163277d ago

I was criticizing Killzone 2's sales as a compliment to Killzone 2. A game like Killzone 2 should have sold more because I believe it deserves that kind of recognition.

RedPawn3277d ago

Great sensibility, Bubbles +

Chubear3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Killzone1 sold over 2mill life time and though KZ3 looks like it's a virtual lock for roughly 3.5-4mill life time, it's shows that it selling over 2mill in 7-8 months is a remarkable improvement seeing how the series has always been marred with extreme FUD.

Sony marketed KZ2 very well. Everyone wanted them to do halo type marketing but only halo can get away with that type of marketing. No other game does halo type marketing. The problem was the FUD from the media and naysayers in the community.

How the media didn't give this game 10s across the board is still baffling when you see the high scores they give for game that don't do 1/10th what KZ2 accomplished.

From week one, KZ2 official forums have been flooded with "TEH GAME IS DEAD ONLINE" threads and for the past 8 months it's been like that constantly. All in efforts to keep people from buying the game.

It doesn't matter. When trailers for KZ3 come out, people will go find KZ2 and buy it and it's sales will have a peak again just like KZ1's sales had a peak when KZ2 gameplay vids were shown last year and that was a last gen game that came out in 2004.

When more people pick up a PS3 in years5,6&7 they'll pick up KZ2&3 and sales will continue. This is why PS titles have always had long legs in their sales. Every new PS3 owner ends up buying those older games and the more PS3 sell, the more the software sells.

sikbeta3277d ago

I assume he is talking about his company, right?

"Yeah, Microsoft decided not to do much for the first half of 2009, so..."

Halo Reach and Halo Reach ODST for the Next year lol /jk

kaveti66163276d ago

I don't like either company more than the other. But I think Microsoft knows how to market their games very well. You don't have to be a 360 fanboy to believe that. Halo 3 sold 10 million copies. The Gears of War series has sold around 9 or 10 million copies altogether. Modern Warfare sold significantly more on 360 as well, just because the ads show the 360 logo at the end. Microsoft markets many multiplatform games and that's why many of them have more recognition on 360. If Killzone 2 was on the Xbox 360 in the same quality, how much do you think Microsoft would have advertised it? I think MS would have had posters of Helghast at ever bus stop and near every school in the world. This is the nature of American business. Brand recognition is a key to success. Quality takes a backseat. Sony should realize they need to invest more money in marketing.

evrfighter3276d ago

"If you admit "Halo and Gears are mediocre crap, probably worse than killzone, and don't deserve their scores (just like killzone)", then I retract anything I said. Hell, just admit "Halo and Gears are garbage", you can keep your preferences between that crap and killzone (but keep them to yourself, nobody cares what you think anyway)"

you're assuming I'm a 360 fanboy why? Because I don't agree with you kz2 is teh aWsum!!!...?

If you want to know what I think about Halo or Gears 2.

I played 1 hour of Halo 1 on my pc some years ago. Never played Halo 2 never played Halo 3. Are you getting an idea of what I think about Halo now?

As for Gears 1 I played coop with a friend and loved it. I played about an hour of gears 2.

I don't own a 360 btw. Invested in a ps3 and was the worst investment in the last 5 years. I have it hooked up to the monitor I'm on right now so at the push of a button I could play it. 23" Samsung XL2370 LED and even though it blows my 40inch HDTV out of the water, color wise. PS3 games look horrible on it compared to my pc games.

Now lets see some retracting.

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Valay3277d ago

Not sure if I agree entirely with what Iwata said. Just off the top of my head, I'd say that Resident Evil 5 was a hit title. But I definitely would say that things could have been better. On the Nintendo side, in North America, the situation was disappointing. A lot of the releases were basically ports of GameCube games and Punch-Out!!.

Myst3277d ago

I can barely remember what games came out around the first half of 2009 sad to say...Overall though I'd say it probably wasn't as bad as some think, but at least in the latter months near the end of the year it's been picking up steam.

INehalemEXI3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Man early 09 was pretty packed with solid titles , 2010 might be even more packed cause even if there are titles pushed back Jan-March looks packed.


REALgamer3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Can't remember a year with as many blockbuster games released so early!

Halo Wars
Killzone 2

and smaller ones such as Bionic Commando.

And then midyear in June / July was
Red Faction Guerilla

But maybe he was referring more to the Wii, as that was the time Wii sales started to slow as games such as The Conduit and House of the Dead Overkill didn't sell as well as expected, and there was pretty much nothing from Nintendo in that time.

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