Bayonetta Xbox 360 Selling Out?

"Kotaku columnist Tim Rogers brings word that store after store in Tokyo is selling out of the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta. But why?

The Xbox 360 version was awarded a perfect 40/40 score from Japanese game mag, while the PS3 version was not - it received a 38/40. The above picture is from the Yodobashi Camera in West Shinjuku. The tag on the game (??????) means "Sold Out"

Tim says the same sell-outs were visible at other Yodobashi branches as well.

There could be several reasons for this, one of which could be that fewer copies of the Xbox 360 version were ordered by shops unaware that the Xbox 360 Bayonetta was the lead platform. Or maybe lots of people are buying it."

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Homicide3275d ago

Well it is the superior version...

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Delta3275d ago

That and its in less demand then the PS3 version.

LordMarius3275d ago

Read the article the PS3 version sold more,
when you have a console with a low community you dont make a lot of copies
logic ftw

Dragun6193275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It could be Sega shipped a low shipment of Bayonetta for Xbox360.

Even though, it is the Superior version, Japanese are still picking up the PS3 version, but I'm not gonna rule anything out yet. Just gonna wait for it to release here in the states, hopefully with whatever problems exist are fixed, which they should be as there's no need to spend time to translate the game as it is already translated.

First Day Sales in Japan
Bayonetta (PS3) – 93,000
Bayonetta (360) – 45,000


gameart3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I don't know why you keep posting those numbers but it's crazy the sales are so close considering the larger PS3 install base in Japan with such a beloved Japanese style game.

Those numbers and your poor excuse of a point don't mean much maybe those numbers reflect the sales before people realized they can get more bang for their buck on the 360 then the 360 version started to sell out recently.

Homicide3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

^True. Just look at Tekken 6. The PS3 version outsold the 360 version by almost 4x. Bayonetta, on the other hand, is a different story. It would be nice to see the shipment numbers and percentage sold. They usually have them by now.


[PS3] Bayonetta (Sega) - 93,000 (57%) [163k]
[360] Bayonetta (Sega) - 45,000 (78%) [58k]

Bayonetta 360 sold 78% of its shipment. Good job!

WildArmed3275d ago

lmfao @ logic.
Wow.. people need to start reading the article before they start typing

Foliage3275d ago

In other words, the one copy of Bayonetta for the 360 that was shipped to Japan actually sold to a Microsoft employee. Hardly news.

Lelouch V Brit3275d ago

Well Said My Friend, Well Said.

snp3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It's good news for Xbox fans, but i wouldn't think ~20% difference of sales of a smaller shipping versus a much larger shipping number is all that much to make an ado about - especially when the system with the larger shipping number tends to have a longer tail in that region.

I mean this game was never going to sell '4x's' as many by simple virtue of the fact that that less than '3x's' difference in shipping numbers to start with - at present translating in a little over 2-1 ratio in sales.

If i was going to take anything from this, i'd suggest it's a good news story for the game all round, but had the developers ironed out the problems with the PS3 version a little more it probably would have been an even better story for the game and sales on that platform (it's hard to say what the effect would have been on Xbox's sales of the game without knowing how many Jap Xbox owners are duel platform owners (and if they even prefer PS3 versions all things being equal? - maybe they don't?).

Homicide3275d ago

The director of Bayonetta was the director of DMC. The Bayonetta demo was awesome, better than DMC. It was even better than the GoW 3 demo.

XxZxX3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

looks like the xbox 360 gamers are unpleased with this thread. so much disagree esspecially on only 53k shipped on XBOX 360 bayo and 48k sold the first day.

I hate to be bearer of bad news and captain obvious here but Guess what, this is just first day, the max 360 bayo can go is 53k. but PS3 will go easily go over 100k over the weekend. Disagree if you like, not going to change the sale sheet.

O RLY? PS3 fanboys don't agree that XBOX 360 bayo only sell half of PS3 version?? I dont think PS3 fanboys with multiple account gonna disagree with that. It's the other way round.

SiteNblog Defender3275d ago

"looks like the xbox 360 gamers are unpleased with this thread. so much disagree esspecially on only 53k shipped on XBOX 360 bayo and 48k sold the first day."

Its just PS3 fanboys hitting disagrees with their multiple accounts. Nothing new here.

snp3275d ago

looks like the xbox 360 gamers are unpleased with this thread. so much disagree esspecially on only 53k shipped on XBOX 360 bayo and 48k sold the first day.

Disagree's are always a little quirky. I find it amusing most people (of all sides) don't or won't man up and actually voice their issue with whatever it is you've said that they're actually disagreeing with; just flick and run.

Not particularly helpful for fleshing out an arguement but meh... whatever, i guess. Just one of those pecularities of N4G.

vhero3275d ago

Of course its gonna sell out I mean how many copys do you think they are gonna realise in Japan?? I can tell you not bloody many! You forgot theres hardly any 360's been sold over there and no game has sold over 1 million yet so of course they are not even gonna make a lot of the game.

MazzingerZ3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Released at the same time as Tekken 6?
How is Tekken 6 doing? with a non-functional d-pad on the X360 Bayonetta is probably a better option. PS3 Japanese owners choose Tekken 6 over Bayonetta of course but still many pick up both.

Bnet3433275d ago

I've heard that the Bayonetta demo was miles better than what DMC4 had to offer. I got to check it out.

TheReaper423274d ago

So now the fanboys are playing the % game, first #'s sold and now %. OH BROTHER~!

pixelsword3274d ago

...Ratchet & Clank, demon's Souls, and Uncharted 2 coming out recently has something to do with it.

Homicide3274d ago

Demon's Souls came out last year in Japan, Ratchet not out yet in Japan and Uncharted 2 came out 2 weeks ago. Try again.

TotalPS3Fanboy3274d ago

PS3 version sold more. PS3 verion = winner.

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The 13275d ago

It's because Famitsu said it was superior and sense they are really the most trusted source of opinion in Japan Sony couldn't manipulate the truth.

OmarJA3275d ago

They also gave Haze a good score, LMAO!

Again relaying on Multiplatform titles. *Sigh*

The Killer3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"Bayonetta PS3 Sales Double Xbox 360 Sales" which will mount to 95k vs 45k.

hmmm i just wonder who is katoku and how many copies were shipped.

sin11613274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Since when Sony manipulate the truth tell me???
Its not everyone like microshit and their shady ways of marketing or copying ideas and claiming them as there own

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Bumpmapping3275d ago

Funny just read article saying it sold more on PS3....

If it did sell out only reason for that is because stores got less copies of 3sh!tty version,knowing it would sell better on PS3, like all games.

OmarJA3275d ago

It's kotaku, M$ little leg humper.

Ausbo3274d ago

its omarJA, sony's little d*ck rider

Microsoft_Spokesman3274d ago

It's Ausbo, Micro$oft's little cöck sucker.

Biggunz3274d ago

It's Ausbo, MicroShats little trannyboi butt b!tch.

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Raoh3275d ago

Or ...... not many were put on the shelves..

weren't the the first week sales of this game over 90k for ps3 and 40k for 360?

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