PS3: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End Review (Gamespot)

It's almost hard to believe in this day and age of movie and game tie-ins, but other than a couple of handheld games, the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie didn't have a companion game on consoles. Disney Interactive Studios is making up for lost time with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which features plotlines from both the second and third Pirates movies. While the game does a solid job of capturing the look and humor of the movies, it fails to emulate the films' action sequences very well. The combat is extremely simple, and you'll grow tired of mashing on the attack button well before you reach the end of the game.

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Close_Second4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

...where the PS3 is screaming out for some killer titles to help shift a few consoles, what is served up is yet another demonstration that developers work on one platform and lazily port to another. Mind you, apart from a smooth framerate sounds like the 360 version pretty much sucks also.

I wonder what the architects of the Cell think when they see it being used to churn out such rubbish.

Booneral4759d ago

360 version is just fine when it comes to framerate.

Booneral4759d ago

Well, back then I'd believe you. Xbox 360 was out, games came out on 360 first then ported to PS3. Now both systems are out, and this game has the same release date for both systems. It's not like 360 version came out first then ported over to PS3. Still this cant be an excuse for the developer not being able to get the best out of PS3 but just stop with the "port" crap already. PS3 is hard to program for, agreed okay? Devs being lazy? Yeah that one's agreed too. Just cut the port crap please.

popup4759d ago

So you are saying that they hire twice as many staff and develop both games at the same time, from the ground up, sharing none of the code between any version?

AcidRhain4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Just expect shtty framerate on all PS3 3rd party titles.

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