Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Video Survey Results

We put up a poll to gauge reader reaction to the video. Around 22,000 of you responded over the course of two days.

Here are the results!

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G3TDOWN3274d ago

it's a video game, don't we kill in GTA IV or other games ?

TheIneffableBob3274d ago

I think the difference is that, in GTA when you kill innocent people, it's supposed to be funny.

duplissi3274d ago

killing in gta is stylized and meant to be funny, whereas call of duty's presentation is meant to be realistic and dramatic- so no its not the same.

i fully believe that IW has good intentions with this but i believe they went just a little too far with this. i have several friends who i have shown the video to and they dont want to get mw2 because of it, even after i explained the reasoning and context behind it- they still dont want it.

Ninjamonkey823274d ago

To close to current things happening now. To serious next year will the woman be pushing prams round that airport are will they be running dragging there kid but for him to fall at the wrong time when you turn up at the balcony. She scrambles back for the child only for you to empty into them both. This is where this is heading tbh and i think that's unacceptable.

MrFoobs3274d ago

So it's fine for films, and has been for years. But not for video games?

NMC20073274d ago

Activision really knows how to get people talkin about their games, first Kurt C and now this, what's next? Kanye as a DLC in Band Hero and interacts with Taylor Swift? I hope not.

Bobby Kotex3274d ago

Whatever. Whoever the mastermind behind all this hype over nothing is a marketing genius.

InLaLaLand3273d ago

why are so many people desperate for this pile of crap. Yeah next to Halo, it has a lot of people playing this online(Modern Noobfare 1 and Grenades at War) to this day. Everyone who buys this are jabronis and need to get their heads sorted. There's plenty of FPS games to go around this gen, no FPS game should be compared to COD due to the fact that COD is treated like the second coming of Jesus in FPS games.



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