Infinity Ward condones anti-gay slur in YouTube video posted Youtube video that is a parody PSA for the Fight Against Grenade Spam or F.A.G.S.

What the heck is Infinity Ward doing?

From the article: "Wow. This video just dropped on twitter by and htp:// is a YouTube Video for the Fight Against Grenade Spaming starring Phillies Pitcher Cole Hamels.

Yes. F.A.G.S.

Really, Infinity Ward? See the video, after the jump."

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Delta3277d ago

LOL i just realized this.
Thats funny "F"ight "A"gainst "G"renade "S"paming

LukaX233277d ago

They don't literally mean it's for homosexual people... That word has changed in meaning over the years and isn't as much of an anti-gay slur as before. Yes, it's offensive if you say it towards an actual gay person, but how many times have you heard little kids yelling in an online game, saying that particular word? Grow up guys. It's just a word.

villevalorox3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I think this is a bunch of bullsh!t. IW is taking advantage and bullying the gamer community.. I really should go drop my preorder and just buy a used copy. Bashing people for no reason is lame wtf? And wtf? @Senden... yeah real genius.... and how is that? Dumb move for business if you ask me. would it still be "genius" if it were to come out n!ggers, jews, Senden is a retard... ??? no.. it wouldn't.. weather or not it was supposed to be that way or not, I think it would be best to apologize to the cod community. It makes since, and if they dnt then it's safe to say that it was intended. I mean it does not bother me that much, but... How dumb can you be to do that?...

HolyOrangeCows3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I sense MW2 protesters making their rounds.

You're wasting your time....homosexuals probably don't make up a huge chunk of COD gamers :P

jadenkorri3277d ago

seriously, i didn't even realize until this article....fight against grenade spammers...also going to be referred to as "f.a.g.s"....first of all, who ever says they owe an apology, your an idiot. I watched the video and didn't even see it until it was pointed out. Its pathetic if one gay person is offended by this. The video was funny, i laughed, now you guys want an apology. If IW has to apologize for this, then creator of Family guy better start writing apologies cause that's just ridiculous.

SRU96003277d ago

These guys just watched the video...

ParanoidMonkey3277d ago

Not going to comment on the controversy myself, but Louis CK has a hilarious bit that I find extremely topical for this situation:

Fat Bastard3277d ago

People, namely pussies, need to quit flippin out over being offended for being called what they are. I don't get mad when people call me white

duplissi3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

people are too damn sensitive theses days.... its like some people get a rise out of being offended and trying to get on their high horse about things. i say f**k politicaly correct! comedians do it all the damn time.

edit- lol i didnt see the source: sarcastic gamer.

KidMakeshift3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

What are you Eminem

It's not a context sensitive word unless you're living in the UK

It's that kind of doltish thinking that keeps degenerate slang like "nigger" in business

Christopher3277d ago

Seriously, people, get a life and a brain to go with it.

ChickeyCantor3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

" People, namely pussies, need to quit flippin out over being offended for being called what they are. I don't get mad when people call me white"

The term F.A.G is not on the same page as homo sexual.
F.a.g is usually used in a negative sense( however if i recall correctly in the UK it means a smoke?).
Saying you are sometimes called white is not the same as being called white trash.

So your comparison sucks donkey balls.

In the end it comes down to the Context its being used in, but words like FA.GS are usually used to insult someone.

Gaming and politics,
Here is a video from gameover thinker:

frostypants3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Looks like they made a pretty funny video, but then some other idiot added the caption at the very end. I feel bad for Cole Hamels, because now he'll take some heat because of the work of some post-production jackass. The employee(s) in question need to be fired, AFTER being encouraged to man-up and apologize (under threat of being involuntarily outed by the company, which would make the individual look spineless on top of being stupid). This is where throwing 'em under the bus is the right move.

It's no more acceptable to use this word than is is to use "ni**er", "k*ke", or "sp*c". Those who defend it need to stop deluding themselves...everyone obviously knows why these words are different than, say, "a**hole", so why be such...well...a**holes about it? Use a different word. Easy.

Using this kind of language on PSN will get you perma-banned for a reason.

pixelsword3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

"I don't get mad when people call me white."

You would if they called you a "peckerw00d" or "h0nkey"; which is the derogatory term for a white person... just like "[email protected]" is the derogatory term for a homosexual.

I am a religious guy, I think homosexuality is a sin, but I don't go around and harass, name call, or persecute people who are doing such things.

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3277d ago
Haloreacharound3277d ago

looks like MGSRising found out about IW insulting his [email protected] pride