Microsoft Performs Mass Xbox Console Banning

Jim Reilly at IGN writes:

"Wake up this morning only to find your Xbox Live account has been banned? That's probably because you had a modded console and were playing illegal, pirated copies of games."

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kalebgray923272d ago

ill just stay off of live for now on.... dang can they find out during updates ..... i was planning on modding like this week

MGRogue20173272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Nice one Microsoft, I am very much glad that you have woken up & are finally putting the pirates at rest..

It's long overdue but it's for the best. They'll only hurt themselves if it carries on. :)

ThanatosDMC3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Awesome, pirates are bad for gaming no BUTTS. /joke

But seriously, piracy is bad for gaming.

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Raptor3272d ago

"I felt a great disturbance on Live, as if millions of pirates suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something wonderful has happened."

HolyOrangeCows3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I lol'd.

But again, not everyone who uses non-licensed HDDs are pirates. Some of them just want more memory than 60GB and at a price that isn't outrageous.

mikeslemonade3272d ago

That's why you buy 2 360s. One that can go online and one where you play pirated game. I would mod my 360 if I was younger and I didn't have a job. Games really aren't that expensive and with gamefly I play all the games that matter.

DelbertGrady3272d ago

Do you even own a 360 or are you just trolling?

vhero3272d ago

Look as I know about a lot in this subject there isn't a mass console banning they released Wave 4 games a while back and there is already new firmware for a few drives to combat it. With the new firmware people are playing the new COD online right now (I know of a few) over a week before release date. This is just IGN getting onto the Wave 4 story a bit late but with ABGX nowadays you don't have to get banned to find a new security method on discs. Of course people tried to play the games without the new firmware update (impatient sods) and they will have got banned. Maybe that's where this story came from. Trust me though the piracy community is still as big as it ever was!

vhero3272d ago

Also note you can get banned also for using unofficial Hard Drives unlike Sony MS doesn't like you saving money and buying your own HDD. A method has been released over the net recently so you can increase your 20gb HDD into a 240GB for the price of a regular 240GB instead of the stupid price MS charge. Of course MS banned everybody who modded their HDD's this could also be part of the bannings lol. Funny ain't it the pirates are still playing COD online so NO JUSTICE and the people who tried to save a bit of money swapping a hard drive got BANNED. Only on Xbox!

slinkey1233272d ago

this always happens.. M$ always have a banning wave around this time every year. Only noobs who play pirated games before release, or games that arent properly stealthed are the people who get banned.

JsonHenry3272d ago

There will be a class action suit because of this, I am sure.

Perjoss3272d ago

the pirates might not like this at all, but LOOK at the state of PC gaming! most PC devs moving towards consoles because of piracy. Banning console pirates is very good for the industry.

Silvia0073272d ago

These anti-pirates seem like they are what, 3 minutes old? This little wave actually did something? All it did was went after the kids who are 2 minutes younger then these 3 minute old anti-pirates with bigger balls. If they knew "ANYTHING" at all, they wouldn't get banned. Those anti-pirates on here had better be one righteous dude or chick, something I highly doubt.

leyego23272d ago

its called xlink kai

just because they can't get on live doesn't mean they can't play online.

the xbox had a decent sized xlink kai community.

Blaze9293272d ago

What are you guys talking about? Microsoft does not ban people/consoles for using unlicensed peripherals.

HolyOrangeCows3272d ago

A Launch 20GB, thank you very much.

And they have been banning people with other HDDs as ''modded'' consoles

dachiefsman3272d ago

of course holy orange cow doesn't have a 360....look at his previous comments. I have called him out before.

ON topic: This is a win for people who actually buy the games, but honestly I could care less if modders mod.

HolyOrangeCows3272d ago

No, you ''call out'' what you dislike.

I only state the hard truth. And for some, truth hurts.

Richdad3272d ago

They are banning 360 moders and the same time enhancing them to create market. But yeah, the elites always survive. No matter how hard MS tries.
IF your firmware is right and you are not too early on Live then there is not need to panic.

rpgenius4203272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Hahahahahahahahahaha nooobs getting banned aaaahahahahahaha. I played almost every major release early and guess what, no ban. Anyways if you are half way smart (you mod your own sh*t) then you prob got nothing to worry about. It's those r-tards that buy games and get consoles modded from craigslist f*cks. No worries as they are now banning gamertags instead of consoles so just make a new tag and use the free month of gold to play early. If console gets banned swap that sh*t b*tch.


Blaze9293271d ago

Again...What are you guys talking about? Microsoft does not ban people/consoles for using unlicensed peripherals.

Does no one read anymore?

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Elvfam5113272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

tell if you modded your console


Better hide my cookies then

NateDPG3272d ago

Big brother is watching you

vhero3272d ago

All about your drive firmware mate and stealth-ing your games if you keep your drive upto date MS cannot detect you. People are playing the new COD MW2 online right now according to my profile.

calis3272d ago

All I Can say is sucked in, you deserve to be banned.

AliTheBrit193272d ago


Pirate music, Pirate movies (infact, I encourage it)

But don't pirate games :)

kaveti66163272d ago

Double standards = hypocrisy = fail.

Neurotoxin3272d ago


Piracy is piracy.


The Killer3272d ago

it was pirated.

many people in the world who have of around 2$-5$ daily income will never buy 60$ game!!

so see the ps3 taking over this year

PirateNinjaBunny3272d ago

This could be my ignorance speaking (and please correct me if so) but I don't feel that actors, script writers, musicians, etc have the same amount of trouble making money that developers do.

I buy games because I feel the developer EARNED it. I don't buy (many) movies or (much) music because honestly I think they get too much.

kaveti66163272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

You need to have a bit of experience working in that kind of industry to decide whether or not the annual salary is deserved. We could argue all day about whether or not Adam Sandler deserves 20 million bucks per film, and frankly I don't think the actor deserves that much, either, but who am I to say that? Anyways, I don't know much about anything, but I've always believed that when films make a big pie of money, most of that pie is already cut up and given to the actors and the film studios like Warner Brothers or Miramax, but the people who get the smallest pieces are the hard workers, the people behind the scenes who make everything possible but don't get any recognition and certainly don't make much money.

When Adam Sandler signs on to make a movie, the contract he signs guarantees that he's gonna get a particular amount of money, say 10 million bucks, plus a cut of the profits. Now, you can pirate all the Adam Sandler movies you want but at the end of the day all you're doing is hurting his bonus. He still gets paid the 10 million bucks. Also, the film studios also make sure that no matter what happens they make a lot of money. If the movie grosses 200 million dollars, the studio takes a large percentage of that amount. The only people who don't have guaranteed salaries are the little people who have various job requirements. It could be the secretaries or the key grips or the stage clean-up crew. Those people get paid very little. For all we know, when we pirate those films, we might be hurting the little guy. But as I said again, who are we to decide that some particular person does not deserve the money? I'm not the head of a film studio. Maybe it is a hard, demanding job that produces a fair amount of stress. And acting is not as easy as it looks. It might take a lot of talent to stand in front of a group of 20 or 30 people who are staring at you and filming you while you're pretending to convey emotions in a realistic manner.

And then there's the main principle to think about. We live in a capitalist society. We provide services to each other at a cost. A film or music album or video game is a service. It is a want rather than a need. And Activision has decided to sell their services for 65 bucks across the board. The customer is someone who is both willing and able to pay for a product. If you are able but not willing, then you don't like the game enough to pay 65 bucks for it. If you are willing but not able, that means you want the game but cannot afford it. A thief is someone who is either not willing, not able, or both. And this person decides to take the property without purchasing it. In this society and many others, theft is a crime.

So, I say to you, if you have that kind of misplaced self-righteousness, where you feel entitled to boost a product just because you think it is wrong for it to cost that much, just remember that you're being selfish, probably just as selfish as the "greedy" people who hike up the prices to make more money. To steal a game that you're not willing to purchase means that at the very least you are interested in spending some time to play it. So, if you want to play the game, then either purchase it now or wait for the price to go down to a level that you are comfortable paying. Otherwise, don't talk about how you FEEL they don't deserve it. If you FEEL that way, then don't buy the game at all. If enough people decide not to buy it, and the sales suffer significantly, then that means the customers as a whole have decided that games are not worth 65 bucks, and Activision will be forced to lower the prices in order to remain alive in this industry. You guys decide whether that company is successful or a complete failure. Stealing games only shows that you're petty. It is not "fighting the system." By pirating a game you're not doing anything that's going to cause Activision to lower the price. I bet companies like Activision look at how many people pirate their games and use that as justification to raise the prices further to offset the losses. If a company like Activision had your assurance that you would buy their game, that 4 million people who pirate the game would buy it instead, that would give them the space they needed to lower the prices to level where their profits would not suffer. Then again, they might just raise the prices again. But it's up to you to decide whether they succeed or fail. If only one million people purchased MW2 across all platforms, then Activision would be forced to lower the prices in order to get back customers. If they raised the prices further they know they would lose every customer they could potentially have.

Arnon3272d ago

"many people in the world who have of around 2$-5$ daily income will never buy 60$ game!!

so see the ps3 taking over this year"

If I'm reading this right, you're saying that the Xbox 360 wont sell anymore because it's games are $60, but the PS3 will sell well, even though they're the same price?

Hallelujah! rofl...

WildArmed3272d ago

On one side.. there is a hypocrite endorsing and hating piracy at the same time

on the other side people think that piracy is totally gone with this mass banning.. -.- I know quite a few people that play online with pirated games. Just the noobs get caught.
I hope every1 gets caught, but those 2-5$ income people will never stop pirating 360 games

AliTheBrit193272d ago


All the Disagree's

You're right, I'm a hypocrite....and?

Look, Music, Software, Movies, Pirate them all ;)

But games, I don't, and wish you guys wouldn't

Why? because I'm a god damn gamer, as my priority hobby, and I CARE about the gaming industry, the more we pirate games, the less funds they have to carry on making amazing games.

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