Threespeech's PS Eye Review

According to Threespeech, the new PS Eye for the PS3 is pretty good.

Heres an excerpt of what they said,

"A handsome and classily designed object, the first thing you notice about PlayStation Eye is what appears to be a large microphone running across its entire width. Concealed behind the grille are actually four microphones, which can do some pretty flashy things. Such as background noise cancellation – handy if you're in a hectic family room and you're trying to voice-chat with someone over the PlayStation Network. It can even track the direction from whence your voice is coming."

Click the link to read the whole review of the PS3's Eye.

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The Panther4575d ago

hahahahahhahaa, In other news microsoft reviews the vision cam and gives it 10/10, they say its totally awesome.


this is cool

ya no shame its not portable, would be the best idea