PSP has "a lot more potential than people realise," says Sony Cambridge

TVGB: "...what does fitting a game with all the ambition of the original LBP on PSP mean for the handheld? "Possibly that PSP has a lot more potential than people realise," says one Sony Cambridge rep, "and hopefully that will push people to make it go further.""

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LumpsRGood3273d ago

Stories like this make me want to start thinking about picking one up. Got burned by the first PSP, figuratively not literally, so I'll be watching this closely.

topdawg1223273d ago

True, psp is the future of handheld gaming, not the DS or the Iphone. There is so much that can be done right with the psp, the price for the Go at the moment is a big issue.

ABizzel13273d ago

Metal Gear is doing a lot for the PSP with 4 player co-op. But LBP is going to be a hard sell for me, because multiplayer is the biggest draw of LBP to me once I got to play it with friends and family. The multiplayer takes its charm and longevity to new heights, and without it, LBP isn't as fun as it should be.

LBP = Classic Mario + Mario Party. Much better with friends.

Myst3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I agree with this statement, but lately my PSP lost some of it's steam compared to the console monster games that have been hitting lately. Though I will say it was a pretty good summer for PSP ( Monster Hunter, Dissidia [ which was actually in the later summer early fall, but meh] )

Anyway, that PSP has gotten me through high school and hoping that it will also help me get through college just the same. Still have some games I have not completed yet (Like Mana Khemia Student Alliance), but I also need to go back and pick up some games I missed as well (Mainly RPGs).

Forgot to mention something about ad-hoc party as well which is a wondrous system, if only it would get brought over here. It's been a while now since the Japanese version has been out, I wonder what's taking so long.

Why Dat3273d ago

Mind you, Sony is a mega corporation dealing with at least 100 other products, other than Playstation related stuff.

In terms of the Playstation brand, don't forget, they are hard at work on HOME, PS2, PSP and PS3 stuff, so naturally, resources are getting stretched. Don't despair guys, the content is cranking out as fast as they can. HAVE PATIENCE.

v1c1ous3273d ago

so how are those software sales doing?

bigrudowsky3273d ago

my only problem with it is that most of the games load quite a bit and it just feels like gimped ps2 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.