Leaked Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Helicopter Gameplay

ConnectedConsoles: Some gameplay has just emerged online of the helicopter experience in Battlefield: Bad Company 2;

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Skyreno3275d ago

OH OMG this game going be EPIC !!!!! day one MW2

evrfighter3275d ago

sweet battlefield 2 on the frostbite engine.

I guess in the end I'm going back to battlefield :D

Delta3275d ago

Yea this looks cooler than MW2. I like the new Ticket display. I can't wait to play it.

sirbigam3275d ago

Exactly wat I said that is just crazy, brilliant, good times ahead.

QuackPot3275d ago

Just hope the controls are customizable as they were rubbish in BC.

Now we just need jet planes, more players and huge maps to make BC perfect.

Perjoss3275d ago

thanks to this great game i will not be buying the overpriced MW2, I can wait no problem, got many other great games to play meanwhile. And £100 for DJ hero, Activision can kiss my hairy arse, I cant believe for a second that the turntable controller is worth £65 (+35 for the game), thats at least £30 activition tax slapped on top, forget it, I will stick with Rock Band thank you!

They are being complete idiots, because DJhero is a new franchise and they should try and maximize the audience (get people hooked, and maybe bump up the price for the inevitable sequel) instead of scaring people off with a hefty price.

2Spock3274d ago

Whoever was in the gunner seat suck's bad.

Timesplitter143274d ago

I'm definately waiting for this isntead of buying MW2

The_Count3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Defining Online Warfare.

Anyhoo I think the HUD looks much cleaner on this compared to BC 2 and the heli controls are supposed to be easier. Which is good because I never was amazing in the helis though I wouldn't want them making them to easy as they can be the most powerful weapon in the game when in the hands of the right player. Also ATVs should be a blast I hope theres a good private match function. 2 people on atvs x12 = madness.

ThanatosDMC3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I agree. The gunner completely sucks. The first Bad Company has this all ready and it was a great and fun game.

I dont want air units to be godly though like in BF2 where planes/helicopters are impossible to hit.

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Nawert3275d ago

Well thats a day one buy.

Obama3275d ago

Must buy for me. The same can't be said about MW2. I am still deciding whether I should get MW2 or not.

TooTall193275d ago

I was the same way until last week. Now I'm getting both games

Dead_Cell3275d ago

I remember playing Bad Company at a friends and it was one of the best games I ever played.

evrfighter3275d ago

that was until cod4.

DICE didn't release a battlefield the year CoD4 came out.

In the pc community at least. Battlefield was always the better game. They are about to show console gamers what pc gamers have known for so long.

2Spock3274d ago

Man people always thinking they are on some kind of high horse being a PC gamer. Everyone i knows was PC gamers that play on console only now. So go figure.

The_Count3274d ago

Bad Company came out after COD 4 so what you said doesn't make any sense. People underrated Bad Company badly. Although I did hate the film grain effect it is still one of the best console shooters to date.

W-k3275d ago

bfbc has better guns,better environments better game play one of the best Fps to play online imo, i wish it had the ad ons to the guns like cod and ingame music support for ps3, awesome on warhawk..but one thing i love about bfbc no stupid perks to drop granades when you die,god that gets annoying.

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