BioWare mutilates Commander Shepard to celebrate Halloween

TVGB: "BioWare has released a new Mass Effect 2 wallpaper that is certainly an attention grabber. They say they put it together to celebrate Halloween and to explore "the darker side of Command Shepard," though could it also mean something? The shape of the massive scar on his face certainly appears to have a shape to it."

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BreakNeckSpeed3279d ago

I just got one thing to say


RememberThe3573279d ago

I want that scar for the game!

Major_Tom3279d ago

I must say it would be pretty bad ass if he was K.I.A. and then rebuilt as a cyborg that would be a very interesting twist.

Gostosa3279d ago

I came...

.. to realize that this paired up with the Dragon Blood armor from Dragon Age is possible the most awesome character appearance ever. Almost atleast.

dgroundwater3279d ago

Ohh man that would be boss. Too bad I'm not getting it, doesn't look too special to me at least. The Inferno armour would look great with it too.

RockmanII73279d ago

Mass Effect meets Terminator.

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The story is too old to be commented.