Bayonetta PS3 is Not Broken, It's Fluid and Well Made

Bayonetta just released in Japan and it's time to see if the PlayStation 3 version is really as broken as previous reports were making it out to be.

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3sq3275d ago

Crappy port, Fck you Sega and Platinum Games. Sorry but you are not getting my money.

lociefer3275d ago

a big thank you to sega for bringing back 2008 memories when developers didnt know how to handle the ps3, maybe u should stick with sonic or smthing, but when u decide to make a quality game, get better programmers, dont make a huge part of ur audience abondon ur game just coz u were lazy to port it

El_Colombiano3275d ago

"but when u decide to make a quality game"

It seems you have yet to play VC

v1c1ous3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

i thought you fanboys LOVED sega for making Valkyria chronicles and yakuza 3?

and how is Platinum games at fault here? they are strapped for cash, and developing for both ps3+360 would have been financial suicide.

developing for the ps3 would have taken more money and time to get the hang of the architecture.

so they went the SAFE route financially. also the game isn't that difference aside from some framerate hiccups. you can gloat about playing it with the Dualshock or something.

SolidAhmed3275d ago

it is really sad to see some developers still miss the ps3 potential ????

is it too hard or are they too lazy to do a good port?

with nutty dog solid work i am guessing the latter

3sq3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Crappy port is crappy port. That's fact.

But is the game any good? That's another story/topic. The same goes for Valkyria Chronicles.I only spoke of the "BAD PORT". Do not make up your own assumptions. I only complained about the port aspect.

I do have my standards/principles. If they are not met then there's no buy for me. It's just as simple as that.

By the way I do actually own Valkyria Chronicles and Virtua Fighter 5.

Again "do not assume and stay on the topic"

Edit: I said stay on the frigging topic, and now you are bringing in the score. Just because a reviewer gave it a 38/40, doesn't mean all reviewers we do the same besides review=opinion. Back to the port.

Here the thing if I show you a black paper, and ask you which color is it? are you going to say white? No, you can't because it's obvious.

But reviews are not the same what might be fun to you might not be to others. Man, I'm tired.....

Dragun6193275d ago

I think you guys should chill out, I think Sega just assigned the wrong team to port over Bayonetta from the Xbox360 bulid.

Remember guys, Games with xbox360 as lead platform usually comes out bad on the PS3, while games with PS3 lead platform usually comes out good for both platforms which has been well expressed by Developers.

And This is Sega were talking about. I dunno about you but Valkyria Chronicles was one of best games I played last year. And I can't wait for whenever they bring their DreamCast games on PSN along with Yakuza 3&4.

Well, I'll wait til it releases here in the states to see if they fixed any of the issues present in the PS3 version before I even think of buying it.

ActionBastard3275d ago

Crappy port? Didn't the damn game get a 38/40? Or is this b1tching for the sake of b1tching?

MAiKU3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

It's not the fact of whether it's playable or not. It doesn't even have to do with the review score.

It's all about the things the game suffered from through the port. hello? game sequences, graphics, and the total blame they put on SEGA as if they are in no part responsible for the ps3 version of the game.

That is what is broken. The representation. And that is INFURIATING.

sikbeta3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Don't waste your time, if is not a shooter, he doesn't know about other games or genres /jk

DeejayTai3274d ago

I wanted this game but if they didn't care enough to make it as good as the 360 version, fuk em. I'll be play something else!

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THE MAX SPEED 213275d ago

Crap port End of the story. Sega Already admited that its their Fault for this.

stop the damage control.

saint_john_paul_ii3275d ago

im not contributing my money for this no matter what. its ridiculous that were in the end of 2009 and these idiots still dont get it, mainly Sega, of all game devs..

madkrazygames3274d ago

I agree with you, but it's not SEGA's fault as much as its Platinum Games. SEGA was the publisher, PG was the developer. Instead them working on both consoles, they literally worked on the 360 and give all assets to SEGA to do the PS3 port. I can't speak for anybody else, but that's not even laziness, that is being retarded. If there was financial issues it making the PS3 version, they could've easy made it a 360 exclusive. But they didn't, because they want to make as much money as possible seeing how Bayonetta is a new IP. Now I'm not going to front, I enjoy the the demo (PS3), but it's not enough for me to buy the game.

sabestar3275d ago

How can Sega screw this up. I thought Sega was good with ps3 games. Especially since they have some good games made by them like the Yakuza series and valkyria chronicles ?

saint_john_paul_ii3275d ago

when a game leads on the 360, things go beserk for the PS3 version of a game.

its been said time after time again, if you want to make a multi-platform game, you either go PS3 lead, or built it from the ground up for each platform.

Redempteur3275d ago

Doesn't prevent them for stupid ports like sonic unleashed ( laggy at times and hard to control on the pS3 )

let's hope that the 2D HD sonic one will be perfect on that part

foreverflame3275d ago

The ps3 version is inferior im getting the 360 version

Jack Klugman3275d ago

That is the truth right there... can you say.. damage control..

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