Where are Mallow & Geno now? (resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "As one of the top ten role-playing games on lists across the world, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has some of the most unforgettable scenes, game-play, and characters ever brought to the SNES. Of course throughout the game you are re-united with well-known Nintendo trademark characters such as Mario, Peach, and Bowser…however, there are two characters that join your quest for the seven stars…and haven't been heard from since."

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CheatsMcGee3273d ago

I'm sure that one of the elves in "The Santa Claus" was Geno.

mau643273d ago

Yeah, I know i would love to see these characters make an appearance again, Its strange they haven't been in the mario and luigi saga

Cheeseknight283273d ago

Geno was in the original Mario & Luigi game, in one of the minigames.

VenerableBmoney3273d ago

A flashback article. Nice to read about characters that hold a permanent place in my video game heart. This makes for a good series article.

mau643273d ago

I definitely miss these characters. Geno is awesome. Mallow not so much, but I still like him

dariusy3273d ago

I would really have loved to see either of them in Smash Brothers Brawl.

BlackIceJoe3273d ago

I so love if Nintendo and Square-Enix would work on a sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I would love to see a new version for the Wii and would love to see what new ideas could be brought into Super Mario RPG 2.

CaptainSquirts3273d ago

For real. Super Mario RPG was the greatest snes game ever imo, had many great characters like Booster, Axem Rangers, Croco, Johnathon Jones etc etc. Such a bawler game and it would be awesome if they made a 2nd.

Why Dat3273d ago

SMRPG... wow, a true gem that will stand the test of time. Holds a special place in my heart and my entire game collection!

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