IGN AU: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Review

IGN AU writes: "A Crack in Time isn't a revolution, but it is an impressively solid and fun game with a number of new gameplay hooks to enjoy. Plus, it continues a story set in motion back in Tools of Destruction that you'll want to see through to the end. If you're after a polished action platformer with a great sense of progression and plenty of personality, this is highly likely to fit the bill".

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RememberThe3573277d ago

I have all the ratchet game except Size Matters. I'll be adding this to my collection.

beavis4play3277d ago

the hover boots are a blast! and the time puzzles (with clank) are very enjoyable. capt. quark is as hilarious as ever.

one thing though.....while it doesn't hurt my enjoyment of the game, i don't think the overall look of the game is as good as TOD. what's funny is the little details,(like ratchets fur) are much better and the enemies look great too. plus the physics and particle effects are beautiful to watch..... but when in a large open area, (like inside the clock or in axiom city) the enviroments look a little muted to me. maybe it's just me though. this doesn't hurt the fun factor of the game. it's lots of fun and the story is great. i'm not done yet, but i can't wait to see how it ends!!

raztad3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


I think it looks "muted" because the new color palette and a somewhat cell shaded style, that is specially evident in Clank sections. Ratchet got more vivid colors, at least what I played so far. Overall I think this game looks better than ToD, slightly. It got better lightning, and textures seem a tad better, game is definitely smoother and sound is way better than ToD's.

I'm really loving ACiT. I got it alongside with UC2 and NGS2. I just played the first level of UC2, to get the feel of it, then started ACiT and I cant stop playing it anymore. ACiT is a really brilliant game. Highly recommended.

2Spock3277d ago

Well i thought the game was average at best compared to the last. I even think they used alot of assets from the last one. And actually the graphics for TOD was better and sharper (Had them side by side on 2 40' samsung's). The textures are not near as sharp or detailed. And actually the only thing i enjoyed from this game was the record feature using clank which i thought was genius. And ratchets side the only thing i enjoyed was some of the smaller planets to get the zoni's and golden bolt's, other than that it was a very lackluster game. Insomniac obviously ran out of idea's of what to do and it show's about halfway through the game. Now if you are new to the series and never played R&C TOD or even any before it, you will get a decent kick out of this game. I am positive i will get 100 disagrees without any comments, which is what this site is about. Sure gameplay wise people have different opinions but graphic wise it is a fact it does not look any better than TOD.

LazyDevs3277d ago

It was funny how all the screenshots which we have been seeing for a while now was from the cutscenes that looks 5 times better than the game. And everbody was like this looks as good as a pixar movie. How nice to be fooled huh.........move along nothing to see here that's for sure.

ReviewsArePolitics3277d ago

After Eurogamer and EDGE reviewed this game. Very telling. (They are the lowest scorers BTW, as usual)

raztad3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )


Is it as average and meh as Demons Souls right?

There is several new gameplay ideas and refinements that makes ACiT an even bigger/better experience than ToD. This review and others agree with that.


You fooled yourself. I never heard Insomniac hyping ACiT as the "definitive" and comparing it to a Pixar movie. The cutscenes are in-game, so they represent actual ingame visuals.

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LazyDevs3276d ago

WOW way to beat around my comment or maybe you just have trouble reading or maybe you smoke to much going by your avatar. I said nothing about insomniac i said everyone referring to most everyone on this site saying that this game looked like pixar/ toystory quality. And i am not going through comments to post links i could give 2 sh!ts less. I could care less if they use in-game engine for the cutscenes or not it is not near as good as the actual game. And those where the screens everyone was googling over which was not nothing how the game looked.

beavis4play3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

aCiT is a FUN, GREAT game. yea, in big open shots like in axiom city or inside the clock, the "look" of the game looks a little muted, but the physics, particle effects, and little details (like ratchets fur, for example) look really nice.
but the game is more than graphics. the hover boots are cool fun; the story is top-notch; the humor (especially from nefarious and quark) is hilarious; flying around space is fun; visiting the smaller planets is fun........dang, it's a great game! you two seem really angry and i'm not sure why. raztad just commented back to me and there was nothing bad in his post......i recommend the game too. it's fun.....isn't that the point of gaming?

and spock - who in the he11 puts two high def tvs side by side with two ps3s connected and then puts both of these games in for a visual comparison???!!!! no sarcasm or insult intended.....but seriously: that sounds insane. what would cause you to do that?
also, spock, demon souls is one of the most intense, difficult, rewarding, fun challenges i've experienced in gaming this gen. you're way off base with your thoughts on that one.

anyway, why all the anger guys? it's just games.

raztad3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Well dude, I didnt offend you so lets keep this civilized. My reference to DS is justified. Many people here, including me, are having a lot of fun with that game and you went as far as call it "meh" and "average", when game is pretty far from that.

Now you come up with another "average" game, that happens to be even more variated and longer than the original you claim to love. I would like the gameplay to look as good as the cutscene or to see a huge improvement in visuals, it didnt happen, but game still looks at least as good as ToD and gameplay is even better (clank puzzles, hoverboots, space exploration, game is more challenging in hard) with a lot of more content. Thats why I dont understand your "average" and your comment just seems a cheap bashing to a "Sony exclusive" that "fanboys like raztad" seems to enjoy.

I dont know if you really played this game, or only played the demos and made your mind, but I'm just getting started (already cleaning some space areas, exploring some moons and getting used to the hoverboots) and for both fans of R&C and newcomers this game is brilliant.

Regarding if game is an expansion, at least ACiT is not 4 hours long isnt?


Ok, I agree gameplay is not as good as many claimed, but it's a gorgeous game nonetheless.


I hadnt seen your second post. We have some similar comments ;) I see you are enjoying this game as much as I'm doing. The final boss in Axiom City was a lot of fun.

Are you playing Gow3 demo? you lucky bastard!! I still need to wait till my GoW Collection arrives.

beavis4play3276d ago

i'm with you, raz! back to GOW3.......

sikbeta3276d ago

"This game looks like something really great"


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Baba19063277d ago

i enjoyed both demos. i think it will pretty awesome.

RowSand3277d ago

what u mean both demo? is there two demos? i download only Clanks demo

Sarcasm3277d ago

"what u mean both demo? is there two demos? i download only Clanks demo"

Yes there's two demos, one for clank and the other for Ratchet.

Fozzy253277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Yeah, there is also a Ratchet demo, about 2.5GB is size.

ReservoirDog3163277d ago

Yup, they just added the Ratchet demo this week. I haven't played either cause I don't like to play demos for games I'm absolutely gonna get regardless what reviews say.

Speaking of which, my most trusted review site is IGN AU. They're tough but fair and never give free passes. So, good review. And everyone, get this game. I'm getting this for christmas (wait's killing me) but I have demon's souls to keep me busy till then. Plus life. Life also keeps me busy.

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Sarcasm3277d ago

Damn still have to pick this up, still waiting for my day off.

KiRBY30003277d ago

apparently you wont have a day off.

sikbeta3276d ago

Why the disagrees?



Milky3277d ago

I am selling my Wii to get this game on release day. I want it so much.

2Spock3277d ago

I agree that there isn't much on the Wii. But i would not sell it to pick this game up that's for sure.

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