Famitsu gives Forza 2 a platinum award

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has given Forza 2 the rare platinum rating. This is huge because it's a western made game reviewed by the Japanese, a market that Microsoft has had so much trouble penetrating.

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bung tickler4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

all those boxes are crazy... you can link up 6 for a full 360 view... thats some crazy $$$ to be tossing around on a game... i mean 6 x 400 + 6 lcd sets lets just say another $400 each = a sh1t ton of cash ($4800 for those who cant do math)

demorgoron4216d ago

Maybe getting a REAL sports car if they had that much money??Damn spoiled rich kids...

PS360PCROCKS4215d ago

a $4800 sports car? you must be joking right? lol wow what a spoiled rich kid...look guys I got a $4800 vette...gimme a break

Saint Sony4216d ago

This surely is good news for MS. Maybe someday MS will break it through in Japan.

Now they only need one game with huge monsters with tentacles and chicks in distress ;)

0LDSCH00L4216d ago

Hope this puts to rest the whole GT/Forza argument!

PhinneousD4216d ago

:-/ and so does your mom. snap!

Skizelli4215d ago

My mom's a girl, so you would be correct.

TheSadTruth4216d ago

I don't even like racing games and I'm considering buying this... heh

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The story is too old to be commented.