No demo for Assassins Creed II

ConnectedConsoles: The original Assassins Creed didn't have a public demo which did anger fans and most likely affected the games overall sales. Though if you did play the full game, you would have been impressed. Today however, we can reveal that there will be no public demo (other than exhibitions) for the highly anticipated sequel to the 2007 action-adventure.

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swiftshot933276d ago

I didnt need one myself, but this could have lifted a lot of concerns with the game. Oh well, I guess the AAA reviews will do that.

The Matrix3276d ago

If it is half as good as the first game I would be a fool not to buy the collectors edition midnight day 1.

DaTruth3276d ago

There is no way to tell if the game is as repetitive as the last through a 10 min demo, which is my main concern.

Once I jumped on that horse and started galloping those hundred miles to the city again, I couldn't bring myself to play it twice!

The_Devil_Hunter3276d ago

Well fine Ubi I didnt want a demo for it anyway....T-T..*sniff* *sniff*

benny o klaatt3276d ago

Never mind. I'm still getting it

nan03276d ago

It'll still be GOTY. Maybe Infamous, or UC2. MW2 doesn't deserve. Just a recycled COD4.

CrippleH3276d ago

That's what people said on the last one and we know what happened. Better to wait until the years end then talk about GOTY. A lot of people felt like fools falling for the hype from the last game.

Lionsguard3276d ago

I agree, felt like such a fool for dishing out for the collector's edition of AC1. The Altair figurine was laughable. It fell from my tv and broke because it was a piece of crap plastic molded into a shape of a human and then painted to look like him. The only thing I still have left of it is the tin box which I keep all my change in. The master edition for AC2 looks a lot better, though I really wish the US got the black edition as well.

peeps3276d ago

"It'll still be GOTY. Maybe Infamous, or UC2. MW2 doesn't deserve. Just a recycled COD4."

each to their own opinion but did find this unusual.

1)how do you know it will be GOTY when you haven't played it
2)are there no other games still to come out this year etc
3)again with MW2 it's hard to say that when you haven't actually played the game

DaTruth3276d ago

Bubbles!!! It's nice to start the day off with a good laugh!

I felt ripped off by the repetitive gameplay; Felt like I played the whole game 8 times by the end of the first playthrough! Good thing I bought it used for $30!

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Lionsguard3276d ago

Hell had there been a demo for the first game I would of known to save my money on that garbage.For it to not have a demo for this one is troubling but from the previews that I've gathered from various sources it seems they finally got it right this time around. Altair was given a disservice to such poor gameplay mechanics, AC2 is what AC1 should of had been.

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The story is too old to be commented.