Return of the Tingle Tuner

It is March 3, 2003, and you've just got back from the store with a fresh copy of The Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube. You've avoided all the skepticism from your friends about the graphics, and now you are ready for the all new adventure. A few hours after diving into the game, your phone rings. Reluctant to be disturbed, you still answer it, and it's that friend. You know, that friend that won't buy anything unless he's tested yours first; the same friend that refused to buy his own The Wind Waker because of the graphics. He asks to come over to see the new game. You'd rather just ignore him, but he is still your friend so you do the right thing and let him over.

When he arrives he sits quietly for awhile watching you play, but after a few hours, he gets bored and asks if you can play something with him. You knew this would happen when he came over, and you'd much rather continue your remarkable game. You think to give him a turn, but you don't want him tainting your precious record. Suddenly your prayers are answered by a small creepy man in green tights, Tingle.

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