Threespeech: Ubisoft and the PS3

French publisher Ubisoft is one of the rising stars of the games industry – while not yet as big as the likes of Electronic Arts, it's very much a top-tier publisher and has designs on becoming a behemoth.

Prompted by the downsizing of the E3 Show – the traditional place until this year for publishers to showcase a year's-worth of games – Ubisoft became the first of what will surely be several big publishers to put on its own event in 2007 to present its games to the European media. Called Ubidays, the event took place in no less prestigious establishment than the Louvre in Paris.

And there was plenty of good news there for PS3 owners craving new games, which Threespeech provide their impressions.

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Dr Pepper4576d ago

Is this for info on threespeech or upcoming Ubisoft games? Because the article just contained a summary of things that have been known for a long time.

Hydrolex4576d ago

Lazy developers = Easy Money Easy Money

Skynetone4576d ago

for the last couple of years they have been doing everthing right

Jay da 2KBalla4576d ago

you sony fanboys need to stop with the bullsh!t.

If a game is multiplatform and the 360 version is the better version then its due to lazy programming but if the ps3 version theetn "the power of the ps3 is revealed" and you sony fanboys are all on the developers d!ck.


TheMART4576d ago

Wait a sec...

Before Ubisoft sucked because their games are looking better on the 360 and are less on the PS3.

Haze is looking allright, has PS3 as lead platform (which only means... it comes out on the PS3 first. But every multiplatform game is developed on PC first and then optimized for the specific console) and suddenly Ubisoft is allright and the PS3 power is there... Right. I think the 360 version of Haze will also be better, they have some months extra to work on it for sure when I'll be playing Halo 3, Mass Effect, Too Human, Forza 2, StrangleHold, Bioshock, Colin McRae Dirt...

Uganda644575d ago

By the time you're playing Haze, WE'LL be playing Bioshock on PS3. And Stranglehold. And Colin Mcrae. Then Mass Effect on PC, Halo 3 will be there after that.

Oh, and you're argument is piss poor. If they can make a good game for PS3, obviously they weren't trying before when the games turned out crap, and therefore they did suck/were lazy. Simple.

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