God of War III Ultimate Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Earlier today, SCEA announced the God of War III Ultimate Edition which will be available at the game's launch in March 2010, and will retail at $99.99. Already, the God of War III Ultimate Edition (which comes with a plethora of exclusive content stuffed into a replica Pandora's Box) has become available for pre-order.

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DoucheVader3278d ago


They need to make a fighting game called the Legends of Video games where all the characters can duke it out.

Imagine Donkey Kong vs. Kratos.

decimalator3278d ago

Hmm, I think donkey kong would donkey punch him

T3mpr1x3278d ago

Totally, but likely will never happen because everyone would want their character to be the best... There's a Super Smash Bros.-like homebrew for the PSP that has a good selection of characters hahaha

T3mpr1x3278d ago

Oh, and Kratos would absolutely slaughter Donkey Kong in half a heartbeat.

Sev3278d ago

It's safe to say Kratos would win against most everyone.

decimalator3278d ago

donkey kong would totally knock kratos out with a barrel and then defecate on his smashed remains

dericb113278d ago

An Ape Vs. a Ex-God. Kratos easily destroys him. Plus Kratos has a history for ripping things body parts off. DK would be B.B.Q at the end of the fight.

For a funny joke this is why Mario can't show up to the fight:

zeeshan3278d ago

It's already in the top 10 video games of Amazon

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Lifewish3278d ago

that is pretty sweet but a lot of bones

Fishy Fingers3278d ago

Nice special edition. Not my thing though, I'd take the disc in a brown paper bag if I had to.

ElementX3278d ago

Amen! Lets try creating less packaging and cheap plastic boxes! I've said before that such items are a waste.

artgamer3278d ago

Why are they a waste ? its called limited for a reason.

Sitdown3278d ago

me to the link where its stated to be a cheap plastic box...cause all I have seen is "high end".

ElementX3278d ago

It won't be some cast metal box, if that's what you're thinking. No way they'd pay to have those made. Maybe it's a quality plastic replica.

Sitdown3278d ago

2K10 gave you a metal who knows.

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Aclay3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition about an Hour ago, can't wait!

I'm a real sucker for Collectors Edition's of games that I'm highly anticipating... if Sony announces a U.S. Collectors Edition for Gran Turismo 5 as well, my March/April gaming budget will have gone completely out the window... but as a fan of both franchises to me it's worth it, and I didn't plan on buying any other games in March/April but GOW3 and GT5 anyways. 2010 is gonna be one hell of a year for games.

Sitdown3278d ago

and where? I went into my local Gamestop and it was not in the system yet. I did get the demo card...and I must say....OHHHH MY GOSH!!!! Clearly He is upset....and clearly this game shows the brutality of war.

ps360master3278d ago

Pandoras box is a nice stash box ;)


Revenge BOOSTER !!!!



May the best gamer win

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