Borderlands Patch 1.20 is live

Been playing Borderlands much? Well you probably already have been prompted to update to version 1.20. The patch is 53 MB and contains the following fixes that have been addressed in PS3 and 360 versions. For the list of fixes and workarounds from the borderlands forums hit the jump!

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Tony P3276d ago

Support for the game fast out of the blocks? Great.

Much faster than some devs...

leyego23276d ago

us gamers arnt beta testers, issues like this should have been fixed from the get go. we put our hard earned cash on the line and we get a buggy co-op game? some devs need to stop cutting corners.

Feral Gamer3276d ago

Don't be a negative Nelly

leyego23276d ago

well i have reason to be negative nelly
the only reason y i bought this game in the first place was so i can play co-op with a few buddies of mine. every single transition from one zone to another lagged us out and some how glitched me... the game gets really dumb when ur lvl 18 with 40 free skill points and can kill everything by just standing in one spot. not to mention the extremely long loading screens which i had to endure everytime i got d/ced and wanted to rejoin my friends game. its not just me, theres a lot of ppl with the same problems.
stuff like unstable servers, FL not working, etc etc should have been tested and fixed b4 the game even launched. nothing like a co-op game with broken co-op.

rant over.

like i said i have a reason to be pissed.

MasterBlaster3275d ago

The game does have a lot of bugs.

LukaX233275d ago

I've only really had problems when someone else with a bad connection was hosting. Whenever I hosted people were like "DAMN IT'S LAG PROOF" lol.

Tony P3275d ago

Yes, it has bugs. Gearbox took about ten days to get the first patch out whereas other devs take *months* (Fallout 3, KoF XII) or don't patch *at all* (Mass Effect on consoles). I'll give them credit for good support.

leyego23275d ago

the problem aint with how long it took them to patch it, 10 days to solve so many problems is great, but those problems shouldn't have even existed to begin with and thats what got on my nerves.

its not like it takes much effort to put the dvd into the drive and check to see if the FL feature works properly among other online bugs.

Feral Gamer3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Show me an online game that didn't have bugs at launch. SOCOM anyone?

vhero3275d ago

Still no fix for missing items after multiplayer though.. Finally happened to me yesterday. Lost my ultra rare shield and class mod was absolutely GUTTED. Only playing split screen too!

JonnyBadfinger3275d ago

The only glitch i encounted was the ending glitched. I beat the stupid octopus thing the 'Destroyer' or whatever its called, and the women started to talk and then it glitched and cut straight to the credits with the guns crosshair still in the middle of the screen.

It was annoying but not the end of the world, im working on my second character who is level 20.

This is the first game in along time that has taken me longer than 4 days to finish, and i when i say finish i mean 100% of the game quests.
took me about 6 days and 12 hrs...........

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electricshadow3275d ago

load time for the PS3 version have been improved, good to hear. Thanks Gearbox!

TooTall193275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

Single player especially works very well. Something I cannot say for all wasteland shooters.

Edit: load times are noticeably shorter. Also I found my first yellow level gun today

AndrewE3275d ago

i did have problems when someone with a bad connection hosts, so i always have my friend with his FIOS connection lol.

monkey6023275d ago

I want this game so much!

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