Team Fortress 2's Tenth Class Is Dead

Quietly and quickly Valve ran a ridiculous sale of Team Fortress 2 yesterday for the low low price of $2.49. This sale only lasted a few hours and by the time I heard about the sale there was only about 45 minutes left in the sale. But after the sale Valve released a Halloween styled update for the game.

This new patch contained a time sensitive set of achievements and a limited time only new map. These new achievements will only work from now thru November 2 and can only be locked in the new Harvest. The new Harvest map is a Halloween themed King of Hill Map littered with exploding pumpkins, wandering ghosts and a clue that the rumored tenth class is in fact dead.

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toaster3367d ago

Oh well. Time to get achievements.

frostypants3366d ago

Unless they're just being super-clever and the 10th class is undead or something. Unlikely though.

tdrules3367d ago

i'd rather have nine classes and perfect balance (:

PS3 Masta3367d ago

its hardley perfecly balanced, kz2 and unchaterted 2 are beter balanced

Pandamobile3367d ago

Lol, wow. This coming from a guy that's obviously never played TF2 in his life.

thor3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

TF2 is not balanced for small games, but neither is any game really (some classes become redundant always). In big games it is balanced but chaotic and becomes a big mess (not that fun).

On this news I decided to re-download TF2 and I must say it's quite fun, but having just played Quake Live I will say this:
- Movement is too slow
- Movement feels weird now I can't strafe jump and bound around
- Jumping is very weird, especially the double jump and I always end up going in the wrong direction
- The soldier's rocket is hard to use (I'm getting better) and the rocket jump I just can't get the hang of having come off Quake Live where's it's perfect
- In general feels less precise than QL like I am spraying and praying - might be the animations and SFX for firing weapons.

frostypants3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

@3.1: Uncharted 2 is an unfair has no classes. Everyone starts with the same loadout (other than perks), but it's a great game nonetheless. Bad comparison though. Killzone 2 is pretty well balanced, but no better than TF2.

From a pure gameplay perspective, I frankly think Quake 2 kills all of them. Call me old school...

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Pandamobile3367d ago

I love Valve's sense of humour :)

PS3 Masta3367d ago

its not funny atall....

Pandamobile3367d ago

Someone's butthurt that they get no PS3 love from Valve :)

toaster3367d ago

So true.. so true. Sony missed out on Half life 2, hl2 ep.1, hl2 ep2, team fortress 2, portal.

And one of the greatest gaming deals in video game history: The Orange Box. Too bad for Sony...

Atleast I have my trusty PC.

Pandamobile3367d ago

Well, Sony did have all the crappy third party ports of the Half-Life series.

PS3 Masta3367d ago

euhe did you even play it?? the PS3 version was best graphic,, it sucks any way .......

Pandamobile3367d ago

Oh god you're a bigger idiot than I thought.

y0haN3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

HAVING JUST ENTERED THIS THREAD I MUST SAY PANDA IS LOOKING A BIT TROLLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Pandamobile3367d ago


frostypants3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Have Half Life 2 on my PC. Sorry, it's grossly overrated crap. TF2 is fun though.

@4.5: No, the PC had the best HL2 graphics BY FAR...but again...lame discussion. Overrated game. Everyone knows it, but no one has the cajones to admit it.

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