Electronic Arts Dismisses Dead Space 2 Report As "Speculative"

Dead Space: Extraction might not have been the out-of-the-gate success Electronic Arts was hoping for (and it's a good game, too!), but elsewhere, Dead Space was a critical and commercial success. Gamers (myself included) have demanded Dead Space 2 and several leaks have reinforced suspicions, while EA looks in the other direction. A Reuters report this morning stated Dead Space 2 was in development for a 2010 release rather matter of factly, but EA's staying quiet.

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Nihilism3327d ago

Well that sucks, i got my hopes up for nothing, the only thing that could make 2010 better for gaming would be dead space 2...damn the first game was amazing, not a horror game fan, but loved dead space, definitely in my top 5 fav games

SpoonyRedMage3327d ago

Well I think it's in development anyway but they probably haven't had a chance to properly schedule it so it might come in 2010... but it'd be at the end of the year if anything.

Keep in mind they've been busy with Extraction and Dante's Inferno and there's rumours about a Jack the Ripper game.