CSM: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Review

CSM writes: "The ninth game in Sony's popular platformer/action series, RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: A CRACK IN TIME sees our lovable lombax Ratchet (an orange cat-like creature) and his robot pal Clank at opposite ends of the universe. The former is searching the galaxy for his chum while the latter is trying to make sense of the giant clock/spaceship in which he finds himself captive. Ratchet spends most of his time exploring planets and solar systems flying around in his small ship, taking on any aliens foolish enough to cross his path with a massive arsenal filled with bizarre gadgets and weapons, including a rifle that shoots sonic belches and a huge ball of energy that can be guided with the PlayStation 3 controller's motion sensitivity feature."

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Ninjamonkey3279d ago

The game looks brilliant and as Im a fan of the series no doubt I'll love it.

But whislt the space thing is a great idea I dont understand why they made it like this, so restricted.

Ive always wanted them to bring back the spaceship from R&C2: going commando where you could custoimise everything about it.

Being able to then fly it around space would have been awesome. Ah well hopefully they'll develop it a little lver time. =)

Cajun Chicken3279d ago

R&C2 is my fav in the series. Brilliant game, tonnes to do.