The Portable Gamer reviews the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone

TPG writes: "Imagine walking around for an entire day. An ENTIRE day, from early before you go to work to when you get home at night to after you eat dinner to when you go to bed, with an iPhone that is not only fully charged, but had the little "charging" icon lit in the upper right corner. The ENTIRE. DAY. No car chargers, no making sure you have the plug with you at work, that you take it home, that the iPhone is plugged in when it can be. Just carry it in your pocket, all day. Can you imagine that? I didn't think it was possible.

Luckily for all of us with $80 to spend, that's what it's like to have a mophie Juice Pack Air."

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bgrundman3279d ago

I have a battery pack for my iPhone and I swear by it.

wondroushippo3279d ago

I normally don't like bulkiness but this sounds cool.

roblef3279d ago

what KIND of battery pack? not THIS cool, I'd wager.

bgrundman3279d ago

If you have the money, a product like this is well worth it.

wondroushippo3279d ago

After this review, I'm definitely thinking about getting one for myself.

roblef3279d ago

You should. They are outstanding.

Munky3279d ago

I bought one maybe a month ago and I'm very happy with it. While it is true that it does add some bulk to the iPhone in terms of size and weight, the comfort of not having to worry about your phone dying is more then worth it. A definite must try for any iPhone owner.

3279d ago